4-Year-Old Uses Mom’s Phone to Place Delivery Order of $562 Worth of Snacks While She Sleeps

As parents, most of us know that, though our phones and technology might seem too complicated for a toddler to figure out, that is actually not the case at all. They know. They know.

To that point, a story has emerged out of the UK in which parents claim their 4-year-old son used his mom’s phone while she was sleeping to place a massive delivery order of snacks.

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Gareth Davies, an investigative journalist, shared on Twitter that his 4-year-old son “nearly caused a national food shortage this morning.”

He continued, “Got hold of mum’s phone while she slept and ordered 990 mini Peperamis, and a combined 1,200 bakewell tarts and Fab ice lollies from Tesco. Total order £451.27. Even booked a delivery slot.”

We can all agree that not only is that an iconic move by a 4-year-old, but the list of ordered items itself is a true masterpiece.

Louder for the people in the back, here is the full list of snacks the toddler ordered while his mom snoozed:

  • 990 mini Peperamis
  • 120 Viennese Whirls
  • 594 Bakewells
  • 594 Fabs
  • 184 Oranges
  • 11 packs of pine nuts
  • 24 rashers of bacon
  • 24 Cumberland sausages
  • 2 cans of deodorant
  • 2 packs of Frubes
  • 36 packs of Mini Cheddars
  • 8 fishcakes
  • A pack of strawberries
  • A bunch of bananas

All for a grand total of £451.27, or about $562 in US dollars. Davies asked his son why he would do such a thing, to which the toddler apparently responded, “I wanted to have more food than everyone else.”

Relatable, kid. But in this economy?

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Davies says that he attempted to reason with his son, but that didn’t go so well.

“I told him we didn’t have quite enough money to spend £450 on food,” Davies said in a follow-up tweet, “and he said that was fine because he had some, and proceeded to pull 14p from his pocket.”

14 pence, eh? Still quite a bit to go until we get to £450. In any event, parents… Let’s keep an eye on our phones, yeah? Not sure many of us want $500 of snacks delivered to our door without a heads up.

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