I Love Everything About My New Boyfriend… Except His Cats Pee Everywhere and He Won’t Do Anything: Advice?

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QUESTION: My Boyfriend’s Cats Pee In Random Spots Throughout His House: Advice?

I need advice! I’m in a semi-new relationship, I’ve been staying at his house most of the time. He has two indoor cats (that he’s obsessed with) which is cool because I am an animal lover as well.

I noticed right off of the back that his house had a urine smell (but I just thought it was because of the litter box). The rest of his house is clean, and he’s a clean person. Then I was getting ready for work one morning after he had already left and one of his cats starts peeing in the sink! And then, about a couple of days later, I did some of his laundries and put it on the couch for the time being, and the same cat comes and pees right on top of the clothes!

Also, today I got out of the shower, grabbed a towel, and it smelled so bad of cat pee. I’ve mentioned this to him and made small remarks about the urine smell, but he just kind of shrugs it off. I’m super disgusted and obviously hate the smell. I’ve tried to put that cat outside during the day, but he just lets her right back in. I’m to the point that I don’t even want to stay here anymore solely because of the smell, but he wants me to move in full time.

I love this guy and want a future with him, but I can’t live in cat piss smelling house, especially if I have to worry about every piece of clothing or towel I use. What do I do!? Has this ever happened to you?

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I Love Everything About My New Boyfriend... Except His Cats Pee Everywhere and He Won't Do Anything: Advice?

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“Take the cat to the vet and have them looked at. Usually cats go outside of the litter box due to UTIs or other health issues. I also think it’s very wrong of you to kick the cat outside and then get upset when he brings it back in. You call yourself an animal lover, but I don’t feel like you truly are. An animal lover would get the kitty checked out, not get rid of it.”

“Make sure the cat gets medical attention to be sure it doesn’t have a UTI. It could be behavioral though. Sometimes cats are really sensitive to change and newcomers in “their” house. Has it been going on since before you moved in? If so then it is more likely medical. If the cat isn’t spayed/neutered they are also more likely to mark their territory. I’d look into those thing first. I’m a licensed vet technician.”

“Call the vet. It could be a medical issue. Also multiple litter pans. Should have one for each feline. Also, but the litter boxes in quiet areas. Cats get spooked easily. If a cat is stressed due to changes in its life, could cause a few medical issues as well. However, call the vet to make sure it’s not something medical. I work at vet clinic and we see cats with this issue a lot.”

“My cat started doing this as soon as I brought my son home from the hospital…. it’s a jealousy thing, probably since you moved in, he feels like your infringing on his space… it was tough to break…. we had to be careful about what we put down where…. we had to keep bedroom doors closed… it’s a pain in the neck!”

“There’s a difference between peeing and spraying. If he’s not neutered, get him fixed. If it is pee, some cats are weird about having an absolutely clean litter box. I have 2. One will pee on the area rug or towel in the bathroom if the litter box isn’t to his liking. Also a medical issue will cause them to pee everywhere. If it’s territorial, it’s more likely spraying. But I’d definitely have his health checked out, could be serious. Tell ur bf if he loves his cat, to get him an appt asap to rule out and health issues and to get him neutered if he isn’t already.”

“Are the cats fixed? When my cat went into heat for the first time she started doing that. I got her fixed and she stopped asap. You can get a urine detecting flashlight and spray that cleans up the smell as well as deters them from peeing there again.”

“He needs to clean the litter box more often or there is a medical issue. Cats are smart. The cat is trying to tell him something.”

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