12 'Boys with Plants' Photos That'll Make You Thirstier Than the Thirstiest Houseplant

12 ‘Boys with Plants’ Photos That’ll Make You Thirstier Than the Thirstiest Houseplant

Boys With Plants is a world-wide phenomenon highlighting some of the “healthiest” plants (and then some) on the internet. Submission to the Boys With Plants Instagram account is simple – you must feature the plant and the plant must be easily identifiable. So, let’s identify some plants! 

Warning: You might find the people prettier than the plants.

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12 ‘Boys with Plants’ Photos You Have to See to Believe

Bougainvilleas + Boys = Beauty

Somehow thorny, yet highly ornamental.

Plants need love too. 

One love. 

Consider a fiddle leaf plant for your home. 

Creates oxygen for your home while taking your breath away. 

Nothing hotter than a guy who reads.

Subscribing now…

This is a healthy cactus. 

Not a bad looking plant. At all.  

What’s better than a guy who knows he way around an orchid? 

FYI… overwatering leads to root rot!

Containers are everything. 

Well, not everything. 

Feeling “horny?”

Monsters, monsteras, monsteradeliciosas… oh, my! 

Do not try this at home!


Taking new patients? 

You’re cured! 

There are plants featured here, just look closely.

Daisies, monstera, and dracaena. 

Yes, it IS sweatpants season.

Gym inspo. 

Boys with plants… Is there anything better? We know now that the answer is for sure “nope!”