No One Told Mom Her Breastfeeding Baby Wasn’t Invited to the Destination Wedding

Weddings can be lots of fun, but they usually aren’t without some amount of drama. Often that drama centers around who is and isn’t invited to the wedding, with babies and children often topping the list of divisive guests. One British mom reopened the debate when she asked the Internet for an opinion as to whether “… my 5-month-old breastfeeding baby [should] be allowed at the destination wedding on the other side of the globe?’ She assumed the answer was “yes” and that the bride and groom were actually decent people.

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After spending over $5,00 on travel expenses, a year of planning, and a plane trip across the globe, this mom found out her breastfeeding baby was in fact not invited to the destination wedding. That’s right. This is the world we live in!

One mom booked flights for her family a year in advance for a wedding in Australia.

Mom flies to destination wedding only to have baby not allowed

The mother who posted anonymously as ‘Lucy B.’ on the message board Netmums, says she heard about her cousin’s wedding in Australia. She knew flights would only get more expensive every day that she waited, so she booked flights for her entire family from the UK to Australia. The total cost of air travel: $5,312. Not cheap!

The mom regretted booking the flights the instant the official wedding invitation arrived. Her children were not invited to the wedding. With young children (one still nursing), did her family really expect her to leave her kids in the UK? To make things even worse, she was asked to find a babysitter in Australia.

“I researched online but couldn’t find anyone (they live in the suburbs),” she posted. “Everyone I knew in Australia, was attending the wedding,” she added. “Am I being unreasonable to think it’s a joke they can’t make an exception for a breastfeed baby flying from England?”

Mamas were mad and we don’t blame them!

Breastfeeding Mom Not Allowed to Bring Baby to Wedding
Breastfeeding mom's baby not invited to wedding

Consensus built around compromise.

Breastfeeding mother's baby not allowed at wedding
No kids allowed at wedding

Of course, it’s up to the couple getting married who can attend their wedding. If they want to implement a “no kids” policy that’s their prerogative. However, when a family member spends thousands of dollars, flies across the globe, and has a child that’s breastfeeding, you should make an exception.

How hard would it be for the bride or groom to delegate arranging childcare? Someone in the wedding party must know a babysitter that lives in their neighborhood! It’s not too much to ask and ‘Lucy B.’ has every right to be angry.

Although the angry mom has not posted an update to what went down at the wedding, we sure hope an exception was made. Parents shouldn’t be ostracized for having kids. Moral of the story: when a breastfeeding mom flies to another hemisphere for your wedding, be accommodating.

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