Brian Laundrie’s Sister, Cassie, Speaks Out for the First Time, If She Had Seen the White Van ‘I Don’t Think We’d Be Here’

Brian Laundrie’s sister Cassie is “angry” with her brother and has since issued a public plea begging him to “come forward” and turn himself in. Currently, Laundrie is only a person of interest in the murder of his fiancé Gabby Petito, however, he does have a warrant out for his arrest after he was charged with using someone else’s debit card and PIN number.

In a new interview, Brian Laundrie’s sister admitted that she not only last a future sister-in-law and her kids lost an aunt they loved, but she also lost a brother and her parents. When asked why she mentioned losing her parents, Cassie claimed her parents are ignoring her.

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Brian Laundrie’s sister, Cassie Laundrie, Speaks Out About Her Brother and Gabby Petito For the First Time.

“I’m in the boat where I’m getting ignored by my family and thrown under the bus by my family’s attorney,” she said in the videos taken as she and her husband stood in what appears to be the front yard of their home. The video was shared by TikTok user, @chroniclesofolivia. 

This is part two of that interview:

Cassie reluctantly opened up to the public after people stood outside her house with a megaphone demanding the speak out against Brian Laundrie. Cassie also mentioned in the interview that the attention has caused her children a lot of stress.

However, while speaking to those standing outside of her home, she said that she didn’t know Gabby Petito was missing until she heard from the detective who was working with Gabby’s mom on September 11th. She went on to say that while she didn’t know Gabby was missing, she did see her brother twice after he returned to Florida without Gabby.

brian laundrie's sister, cassie, speaks out for the first time, if she had seen the white van 'i don't think we'd be here'
Cassie Laundrie

According to Cassie, Brian and their parents came to their house on September 1. They were driving their white mustang. Cassie said she didn’t know Brian had Brough the white Ford van back because she never saw it.

Cassie again saw her brother and her parents on September 6 while they were camping at Fort De Soto. Cassie said she, her husband, and their children were at the campsite for about six hours before they drove home because the kids had school the next morning.

brian laundrie's sister, cassie, speaks out for the first time, if she had seen the white van 'i don't think we'd be here'
Cassie Laundrie

While at the campsite, they had dinner and ate s’mores. She said her brother never once mentioned Gabby.

“There was nothing peculiar about it,” she told ABC News. “No feelings of grand goodbyes. There was no nothing. I’m frustrated that in hindsight I didn’t pick up on anything. It was just a regular visit.”

In another interview with ABC News, Cassie reiterated herself, saying, “No, I don’t know where my brother is. I would turn him in if I did.”

“I really wish he would have come to me that day with the white van because I don’t think we’d be here. I worry about him. I hope he’s OK. And then I’m angry and I don’t know what to think. I would tell my brother to just come forward and get us out of this horrible mess.” 

brian laundrie's sister, cassie, speaks out for the first time, if she had seen the white van 'i don't think we'd be here'
Cassie Laundrie

Cassie said after September 6th, she has tried to get in contact with him but his phone has continuously gone to voicemail. It’s also believed that despite buying a new phone on September 4, he left home without it and that the device is now in FBI custody.

Cassie added that she’s never seen Brian and Gabby fight nor has she seen Brian hit Gabby. She then said, “I don’t know if my parents are involved. If they are, they should come clean.”

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