Brian Laundrie’s Lawyer Explains Why It Was Brian’s Parents That Found His Personal Items

The Laundrie’s family lawyer, Steven Bertolino, had a lot to say during an interview with NBC News. During the interview, Bertolino talked about conspiracy theories, Brian Laundrie’s involvement, and how much contact he’s had with the FBI during this investigation.

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, both Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie have been pronounced dead following their cross-country adventure which quickly turned tragic. Gabby Petito’s death has since been ruled a homicide by strangulation, while Brian’s cause of death has not yet been revealed.

You Can Watch Brian Laundrie’s Lawyer Steven Bertolino’s the Full Interview With NBC News Here:

Gabby Petito’s body was discovered on September 19 after she had been missing since at least August 27. Brian Laundrie’s bones were discovered on October 20 after his parents requested access to Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park early Wednesday morning.

According to Bertolino, in his interview with NBC News, investigators discovered skull fragments which were then matched to Brian Laundrie’s dental records. As Bertolino claims, he is a longtime friend of the Laundrie family and watched Brian and his sister, Cassie, grow up.

Bertolino went on to say that a parent learning their child has died is “sad under any circumstances.” And refrained from speculating on Brian’s cause of death. In addition to his interview with NBC News, Bertolino also spoke with People, saying that Brian’s parents “have no inkling as to what may or may not be in there.” He added, “I am sure everybody is waiting to find out what, if anything, is contained in the notebook.”

Brian Laundrie's Lawyer Explains Why It Was Brian's Parents That Found His Personal Items

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The lawyer also addressed the overwhelming suspicion some people are feeling after learning that it was Christopher Laundrie who discovered Brian’s dry bag and notebook on Wednesday. As it was previously reported by the FBI, the spot in which the items were found had been previously submerged underwater.

The water had only recently subsided, allegedly making it possible for that area to be searched. Bertolino told NBC News that Brian’s parents had asked the FBI if they could continue their search at the Park because it had just reopened. 

“I’m a little bit angry that people are even speculating this way,” Bertolino said. And North Port police have also issued a statement saying they are “100% confident” that neither Christopher nor Roberta Laundrie brought any of the items that were discovered before the skull fragments were located.

Brian Laundrie's Lawyer Explains Why It Was Brian's Parents That Found His Personal Items

“John Q Public can’t get it through their head that this area was inaccessible and the items that were located yesterday perhaps couldn’t be seen,” the lawyer continued before calling the theories “ludicrous” and “nonsensical.” “Enough is enough. When does it stop?”

Steven Bertolino also refused to discuss Gabby Petito and her family’s frustration.

In terms of his contact, or lack of contact, with law enforcement during the course of this investigation, Bertolino pinned that on his attorney-client privilege, calling his conversations with Brian Laundrie and his parents “confidential.” However, he has said that, even though he’s told the Laundrie’s not to speak publicly, they have been working with all law enforcement and cooperating since “day one.”

Brian Laundrie's Lawyer Explains Why It Was Brian's Parents That Found His Personal Items

Bertolino also discussed the final day Brian Laundrie spent with his family at the Florida home he and Gabby lived at with his parents prior to their trip. According to the attorney, Christopher had told him that Brian was “very upset” before he left the house for the last time on September 13.

Nonetheless, Christopher reportedly has expressed regret, wishing that he “hadn’t let him go but he couldn’t stop him.” Why Brian Laundrie was upset was not made clear by Bertolino during his interview. He talked more about this in his interview with People:

“He was out of sorts at the time between when he came home and when he went to the hike and the day he went for the hike, he was extremely upset. Brian was very upset and distressed. Mr. Laundrie tried to prevent him from leaving the house in that condition and he couldn’t, and Brian insisted on going out for the hike.”

Brian was “depressed, distressed, and upset” after returning to Florida, he told People. “However you would describe somebody who is just not appearing to be in a good state of mind.” Bertolino admitted that this case is far from over, but that he also has “no reason to believe” Christopher or Roberta Laundrie will be charged with any crimes. This comes after he admitted that charges were discussed with the FBI.

In the end, Bertolino said that once things are “wrapped up” there could be a moment in the future when the Laundrie’s reach out to the Petito family. As Mamas Uncut has previously reported, since Petito’s disappearance and despite her parents’ multiple attempts to get ahold of the Laundrie family, they have not been in contact.

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