Brian Laundrie’s Parents House Where He and Gabby Petito Lived Before Their Trip Raided By FBI After Body Was Discovered

As the search for Brian Laundrie continues, it has been reported that the FBI is, again, raiding Laundrie’s parents’ home where both he and Gabby Petito lived prior to their cross-country trip. This news also proceeds news that a body believed to be Gabby Petito’s was found near a campsite in Wyoming.

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, on September 19, the FBI revealed that during a search near the last place Petito and Laundrie’s white Ford van was last spotted a body had been recovered.

This is the current scene outside of Brian Laundrie’s home.

The FBI further confirmed that the body did match the description of Gabby Petito but that “full forensic identification has not been completed to confirm 100% that we found Gabby, but her family has been notified.” A full autopsy has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 21. 

Gabby Petito was just 22 years old. Now, as Brian Laundrie has not been seen since Tuesday, September 13, this new search warrant may also lead to his parents’ arrest. The FBI has also categorized the home as a “crime scene,” and his parents have been removed from the home. However, it is unclear if they were in handcuffs or not.

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According to Newsweek, Brian is still labeled as a person of interest and not a suspect. After Brian disappeared on Tuesday, his parents never notified the authorities until Friday.

ABC News has also obtained the last text message Laundrie’s sister Cassie received from Gabby Petito:

Further, ABC’s Reena Roy also saw the “mail” Gabby had sent Laundrie’s sister.

According to Roy, Cassie is quoted as saying, “Gabby was a fun and loving influence to the boys. We will cherish all the time spent with her.”

The last time Gabby Petito’s parents verbally talked to her was on August 25. According to her parents, they received several text messages from Gabby’s phone but admitted that they weren’t convinced those texts were actually sent by Gabby.

All communication from Gabby’s phone stopped on August 30. On September 1, Brian Laundrie reportedly returned to Florida in the van the couple had modified for their vacation. This was just two days after a woman on TikTok claims to have picked him up as Brian was hitchhiking.

The woman mentioned in her TikTok that while Gabby was not with Brian, he did mention her, referring to her as his fiancé, but never by her name.

Additionally, a group of YouTubers also spotted Petito’s van parked off to the side of a trail located in Spread Creek Dispersed Camping in Grand Teton National Park. This is near where the body was found.

Eagle-eyed viewers who watched the YouTube video closely have claimed that you can see Gabby’s flip-flops at the back of the van. You can also see her sun hat on the dashboard in the front of the car. There are also multiple matching stickers on the van in the video as well.

brian laundrie's parents house where he and gabby petito lived before their trip raided by fbi after body was discovered | as the search for brian laundrie continues, it has been reported that the fbi is, again, raiding laundrie’s parents' home where both he and gabby petito lived prior to their cross-country trip.

The footage of their van was captured on August 27, just two days before Brian was allegedly picked up hitchhiking. It was on September 11, the same day the missing person report was filed, Laundrie was pulled over in the white van in Florida. Gabby was not inside.

According to Petito’s parents, prior to filing a missing person report, they had tried to get in contact with Brian and his parents to see where Gabby could be, or at least the last place Brian Laundrie had seen her. Sadly, reports have stated that Brian and his parents refused to cooperate.

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