After Bridesmaid Gains Pandemic Pounds, Bride Asks Her ‘Gently’ To Return To Her Last Dress Size To Stay In Wedding

One bride isn’t buying the pandemic-15-pound excuse. After asking the internet if she was wrong to ask a bridesmaid to lose weight for her wedding, many are shocked at the details.

In the post to Reddit, the bride asks the world if she was in the wrong for requesting a bridesmaid lose weight for her wedding after she purchased her a bridesmaid dress months prior.

Bride Asks Bridesmaid To Lose Weight Before Wedding
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The 24-year-old revealed how she is getting married in October (hopefully, since we are living through a pandemic) but she is having a little “issue” with one of her bridesmaids named Mila, a close friend and cousin.

“For whatever reason, Mila has been gaining a lot of weight over the past few months, and I’d estimate she’s up 30-40 pounds since last fall,” the woman shared in her post.

“We went dress shopping in October, and since I ended up picking a somewhat expensive eggplant velvet dress to match the autumn theme, I told my bridesmaids I’d pay.”

The bride noted how she is “pretty blessed financially,” so she could afford to do so.

Bride Asks Bridesmaid To Lose Weight Before Wedding
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But Mila recently told the bride that she had outgrown the dress and would be needing a new one.

“Unfortunately, the style is not available in plus sizes and would need to be custom made, if it’s possible to get at all,” the poster revealed.

The poster then got very candid about how she feels about the entire thing.

“I already paid for her dress, and I think it’s inconsiderate for her to put on weight when she knows she won’t fit the dress,” the bride wrote. “She’s honestly been really entitled in assuming I’ll just figure it out and replace her dress at my expense. Plus, there’s the bulls–t of calling a weight gain ‘growing out’ of something, as if her own choices had nothing to do with it.”

Bride Asks Bridesmaid To Lose Weight Before Wedding
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“I texted [Mila] last week and told her my issues,” she continued in her post. “I said that I really wanted her in the wedding, but the dress was presenting issues. I gently asked her to go back to the size she was last fall.”

The friend did not respond to the text and (allegedly) has been “vague-posting” on social media about “women who tear other women down,” as well as posting other “anti-body-shaming stuff.” 

“So I’m pretty sure she’s mad,” the woman deduced before asking the world what she should do about it.

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