Bride Asks ‘AITA’ For Being Livid With Her Sister-In-Law After She Gave Birth Just Before Her Wedding, Canceling the Celebration

Weddings can be unpredictable. Sometimes people drink far too much, or the person officiating the ceremony is late, but imagine a surprise live birth taking place on your big day! 

That’s exactly what happened to one horrified bride who took to Reddit to explain how her special day quickly took a terrible turn. At first, it seemed as though her new sister-in-law was simply sick at the wedding, but it actually turned out that she was pregnant and had no idea! 

AITA? Bride Is Furious With SIL Who Gave Birth Before Wedding

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“She started acting weird at my rehearsal dinner,” the bride begins her post. “She looked very uncomfortable, said she was having bad cramps and asked my brother to take her home early.”

The bride added, “Two days later at the ceremony, she looked even worse than before, very sick and tired. She was taking four tabs of ibuprofen at a time, but insisted on standing with me at the altar.”

The upset bride then goes on to detail how her sister-in-law proceeded to go into labor, forcing her wedding to be canceled. The bride noted how that could seem unbelievable, but reportedly that’s exactly what happened.

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Bride Asks “AITA” For Being Mad at Her Sister-In-Law For Giving Birth on Her Wedding Day?

“This essentially canceled my wedding. My brother had to carry her back to the house where they laid her on the floor and did everything to make her comfortable while they waited for an ambulance,” she added. “EMTs show up and tell her she’s in labor. She’s shocked, my brother is shocked, nobody knew she was pregnant, including her. About an hour later, she gives birth on the kitchen floor.” 

According to the bride, “nobody knew she was pregnant. She apparently had very irregular periods, and it wasn’t unusual to skip months. To be fair, she didn’t look pregnant at all. No belly whatsoever. My brother mentioned maybe 15lbs of weight gain and some heartburn, but that’s it.”

And yet, despite all of that, the Reddit member then goes on to explain that she is still furious over what happened on her big day and that she is having a hard time believing her sister-in-law’s story.

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“I’m upset that she never asked for help or had the sense to tell me she wasn’t feeling well. I’m upset that nobody took her to the hospital and let the wedding proceed. I also feel like she was lying about not knowing she was pregnant because I just don’t believe you can not know. I haven’t seen either of them or their baby since this happened. Am I the a**hole for this?”

Many fellow Reddit users were quick to comment that her sister-in-law might have been telling the truth about not knowing she was pregnant and cannot be faulted for a medical emergency, while others were more empathic, agreeing that the timing was the absolute worst.

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