Britney Spears Has SCATHING Message for Her Family As She Deletes Instagram Again

Pop icon and legend Britney Spears isn’t holding back when it comes to how she currently feels about her family. As Mamas Uncut previously reported, Spears’ father, Jamie Spears has recently been removed as her conservator after holding the position for 13 years.

The judge’s decision to remove Jamie as his daughter’s conservator comes after Britney Spears and several others spoke out against the conservatorship the pop star has been under since she was in her 20s.

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Britney Spears Has SCATHING Message for Her Family As She Deletes Instagram Again

This year, Britney Spears will be turning 40.

The pop star has been quoted calling the conservatorship abusive, adding that she was stonewalled from getting remarried and was even prevented from having her IUD taken out in order to expand her family with her now-fiancé, Sam Asghari. Between her emotional pleas to the court for change and several documentaries showcasing just how restrictive the conservatorship was, Britney Spears is now one step closer to being in control of her own life.

And although things have been working in the pop star’s favor so far, the pain of knowing the people who are meant to protect you failed hasn’t gone away. It’s unclear if it ever will.

Earlier this week, Britney Spears’ younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, revealed that she was writing a memoir to clear her name and tell her side of the story. Now, in a statement she shared on Instagram, which she has deleted once again, Britney’s thoughts on everything going on were made pretty clear.

Britney Spears Has SCATHING Message for Her Family As She Deletes Instagram Again
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As the pop star began, Britney Spears admitted that working “is all I’ve ever known my whole life, which is why this is so very confusing for me.” And while she has been feeling more hopeful, she is afraid of making a mistake and messing up everything.

“I’ll just be honest and say I’ve waited so long to be free from the situation I’m in. And now that it’s here I’m scared to do anything because I’m afraid I’ll make a mistake!!!”

Spears continued, writing, “For so many years I was always told if I succeeded at things, it could end … and it never did!!! I worked so hard but now that it’s here and getting closer and closer to ending I’m very happy but there’s a lot of things that scare me!!!”

Britney Spears Has SCATHING Message for Her Family As She Deletes Instagram Again

Spears went on to talk about how scary the paparazzi constantly following her around can be, adding “it’s like they want me to do something crazy!!! So like I said I’m fearful of doing something wrong.”

And so with that said, Spears told her fans that she “won’t be posting as much in a world where it’s our liberty to be free, it’s a shame!!! I started experiencing that when I got the keys to my car for the first time 4 months ago and it’s been 13 years!!!!”

In the end, Spears admitted that if she could move to another country, she would, but since she can’t, she’s going to find “joy” where she can. And one way she’s finding that joy is by celebrating Christmas early.

“Why not,” the pop star asked? “I believe any reason to find more joy in life is a good idea … and it’s no secret that I’ve been through it in the past so I might have to do things a little differently from now on!!!”

Britney Spears Has SCATHING Message for Her Family As She Deletes Instagram Again
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And in her final sentiment, Britney then sent a message to the family that failed to protect her. “Lord have mercy on my family’s souls if I ever do an interview.” Wow.

And fans are very supportive of Britney Spears’ new look on life. Even if that means they won’t get to see her again.

“Part of me regrets never seeing her perform in Vegas but now that everything is out there,” a fan wrote. But, “I’m glad I didn’t support a show she really didn’t want to do.”

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