30 Baby Names Inspired by the Astrological Sign Cancer

Are you expecting a little crab? If you’re due to have a baby born under the astrological sign of Cancer (June 21st–July 22nd), you’re in luck! Not only are Cancers known for being intuitive and nurturing, but they also have a rich history of symbolism and meaning that can inspire some beautiful baby names. Cancer is the only astrological sign not ruled by a planet but by the moon, so you have a unique opportunity. From moon-related monikers to water-themed names, we’ve rounded up 30 perfect names for Cancer babies.

Whether you’re looking for a name that reflects your baby’s sensitive and compassionate nature or something that pays homage to the stars above, there’s sure to be a name on this list that catches your eye. So read on for some divine inspiration, and get ready to welcome your little Cancerian into the world with a name that’s equally out of this world!

Cancer Baby Names for Girls


Cancer baby names

Luna is a name of Latin origin, belonging to the Roman goddess and personification of the moon. As Cancer is ruled by the moon, this name feels especially fitting. Luna has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, landing it in the top 10 most popular names for girls in the US.


Cancer baby names

Selene is a name of Greek origin that means “moon goddess” and refers to the mythological personification of the moon. The Latinate form of the name, Selena, is more popular in the US, but Selene is on the rise. We love this Greek goddess name.


Cancer baby names

Juno is yet another goddess name. It is the origin of the month name June (also a fantastic option). Juno is a rare name in the US, but it is roundly beloved in the UK. Juno names the patron goddess of Rome who holds dominion over marriage. This name is taken to mean “queen of the heavens.”


Cancer baby names

We get the month name of July from Julius Ceasar; His name is thought to mean “youthful” or “downy-bearded.” July has never been a popular name in the US but we think it has tons of potential for a daughter born under Cancer.


Cancer baby names

Pearl has obvious connections to the moon, but it is also the birthstone for June. Pearl has a fabulous vintage quality that parents are flocking to once more. The appellation was most popular in the US in the 19th century, but we think it is showing signs of making a huge comeback over the next few years.


Cancer baby names

For a baby born in July, consider the birthstone, Ruby, as a potential name. Ruby has historically been one of the most beloved names in the US and currently rests in the top 100 most popular names for girls. Ruby originated in Latin as a word for the red, precious stone.


Cancer baby names

Hyacinth is a flower and precious stone name of Greek origin. It refers to the blue larkspur and birth flower for the month of July. Hyacinth is rare as a given name, making it a great option for parents looking for something unique. You might also consider the Spanish form of this name, Jacinta.


Cancer baby names

Rhodes is a unisex name of Greek origin that means “where roses grow.” It’s fitting for a Cancer baby born in June as the rose is the birth flower for the month. Rhodes ranked in the top 1000 most popular names for boys in 2022 for the very first time. We adore this name for any baby!


Cancer baby names

Yes, you could go with the name Rose but why not have some fun with it? Rosalia is a name of Latin origin that refers to the rose, of course, but also to a ceremonial tradition started by the Romans of hanging roses on gravestones. Rosalia is on an upward trend today.


Cancer baby names

Cancer is the first true sign of the summer season, making it one of the warmest signs. Summer celebrates the season of your daughter’s birth. The name only came into popularity in the US in the 1970s, and it has been a popular choice ever since.


Cancer baby names

Mexican surrealist artist and feminist icon Frida Kahlo has inspired many parents to choose this German name. Its root means “peace.” Kahlo is one famous example of a Cancerian who makes for a marvelous namesake.


Cancer baby names

Primrose is a name of English origin, meaning “first rose.” Roses and white roses, especially, are connected with Cancer. Though rare as a given name in the US, Primrose is one of the most popular names for baby girls in the UK today.


Cancer baby names

Livana is a very unique option that originated in Hebrew. The name means “the moon” and “white.” With the ubiquity of the name Olivia today, Livana offers a great alternative with a winning meaning.


Cancer baby names

Ayla has become a wildly popular name in the US over the past few years. The name is derived from both Hebrew and Turkish and has the awesome meanings of “oak tree,” “halo,” and “moonlight.” The name is a winner in the US and popular across Europe and the Middle East.

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Cancer baby names

Kamaria is an exquisite name of Swahili origin that means “moonlight.” Poet Kamaria Muntu is one famed namesake. Kamaria is a rare option that we feel would be a beautiful option for a Cancer baby.

Cancer Baby Names for Boys


Cancer baby names

Julian is a unisex name of Latin origin that shares the same root as the month of July. The name is wildly popular for baby boys today, ranking in the top 50. Historically, the name has remained in the top 500 since records began in 1880. This name means “youthful” and “downy-bearded.”


Cancer baby names

Allow us to have a little fun with the name Sebastian that famously belongs to an animated crab in The Little Mermaid. Sebastian is an ancient name that refers to “someone from Sebastia.” Ranking just outside the top 10 today, Sebastian is more popular than ever before in the US.


Cancer baby names

Kai is a very popular unisex name of Hawaiian origin that means “sea.” Its nature-inspired meaning makes it feel perfectly suited for a Cancer baby. Though originating in Hawaii, the name has taken off across Europe today.


Cancer baby names

Qamar is an elegant name of Arabic origin that is completely gender-neutral, but we especially find it suitable for a baby boy. The root of this name means “moon,” giving it an excellent Cancer connection. This name is a rare choice in the US that we would love to hear more on playgrounds and in classrooms.


Cancer baby names

Cancer is a cardinal water sign, so names that have meanings pertaining to the element are most fitting. Loch is a name of Scottish origin that means “lake.” This name is rare in the US today, but we could definitely see parents who want to celebrate the natural world propelling this name into the spotlight.


Cancer baby names

Not too far away from Loch is the attractive unisex option, Lake. It makes for one of the very best alternatives to the name Blake. The name is gaining traction in the US but trails in popularity in the UK.


Cancer baby names

Malik, in Arabic, means “king.” But, in Greenland, the name means “wave.” The name saw its most popular year in 1996, but it still remains a top 500 choice today.


Cancer baby names

River is more popular today than ever before. It ranks just outside the top 100 most popular names for boys. This gorgeous nature name can go to both boys and girls.


Cancer baby names

Popular in the Middle East but rare in the US, Badar is a name found in both Arabic and Hindi naming traditions, meaning “full moon.”


Cancer baby names

Cove is a unisex nature name that parents today are just starting to put to good use. This English term for a small bay feels tranquil and meditative.


Cancer baby names

Luan is a multicultural name found in many naming traditions, but it’s the Portuguese one we’re after. The root of it means “moon.” This name is rare in the US but completely accessible. We hope more parents give it a shot.


Cancer baby names

Silver is the color most associated with Cancer. The Italian name Argento comes from a Latin root that means “silvery.” This name is very rare in the US, making it a truly inspired and unique option.


Cancer baby names

Another Cancer name with a silver connection, Sterling, is a unisex option that was actually most popular in the US in the 19th century. The name is of English origin and means “valuable” and “quality.”


Cancer baby names

Triton is a name that originated in Greek mythology. The appellation belonged to the messenger of the sea and the son of the sea god Neptune.

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Cancer baby names

Why choose the name Sean when Ocean is adjacent? This darling nature name works for both boys and girls. It landed in the top 1000 for boys for the first time in 2020, and it’s been climbing ever since.

In conclusion, naming your little one after their astrological sign can be a beautiful way to honor their unique personality traits and celebrate the stars above. Whether you choose a name that reflects the moon’s phases or embodies the element of water, these 30 baby names will inspire some celestial creativity. From classic choices to more unique options, we hope you found a name perfect for your little Cancerian. So go ahead and let the stars guide you as you embark on this exciting journey of parenthood!

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