Everything You Need to Breastfeed in Public

Everything You Need to Comfortably Nurse in Public

For many new moms, nursing out in the world comes with a bit of anxiety. At home you can sit topless in the perfect chair with your nursing pillow and no cover and your burp cloth at the ready. Out in public … not so much. We aren’t generally used to the possibility of strangers seeing our breasts, so it’s normal to feel nervous about how to undress without attracting prying eyes and then manage to get baby latched. Plus, if breastfeeding has been difficult, or baby needs a nipple shield, the sheer logistics of it all can feel overwhelming. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: 10 Breastfeeding Tips Every Mom Should Know Advertisements But, being house bound with a newborn isn’t good for anyone’s mental health. And the sooner you’re able to get this part down, the sooner you’ll feel you have the freedom to go out and about and not be tied down by baby’s schedule. With that said, here are our must-haves to make nursing anywhere — a park, a restaurant, a plane — as easy and comfortable as possible. Invest in a good nursing cover Advertisements “Good” here is going to be subjective, but if you find a cover you …

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Mom Sues Dentist Who Told Her to Stop Breastfeeding

Oregon Mom Sues Dentist Office After Staff Tells Her She Can’t Breastfeed, Kicks Her Out for Not Complying

“Us moms have enough anxiety going out with our toddlers anywhere, so the fact that we have to worry about whether we have to feed them without dirty looks, without shame, without all the negative connotations that come with it — it’s really just mind-boggling to me that we even deal with this in this day and age.”

Embarrassing Pumping at Work Stories

These Embarrassing Pumping-at-Work Stories Prove You’re Not in This Thing Alone

Going back to work after having a baby is tough enough without adding on the stress of pumping in an office. Whether you’re pumping in your office’s lactation room or trying to carve out a bit of space to pump in private, you’re bound to encounter at least a handful of awkward situations. To help a feel a little less alone in the embarrassing pumping-at-work moments, we collected some stories from moms who have had their fair share of tough pumping moments. Advertisements RELATED: Cheat Sheet: These Are the 11 Things You Actually Need if You’re Planning to Pump at Work Embarrassing Pumping-At-Work Stories From Real Moms Advertisements via GIPHY “I went back to work as a nursery school teacher right when my son was three months old. The only place they had free for me to pump was the Xerox machine/printer room. I would draw the shade down and people would know that they had to wait to go in until I was done pumping. Well, the Xerox machine repairman didn’t know about shade down rule and walked right in, stared for a bit like a deer in headlights until I said, “ummm, it’s going to be another 10 …

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Mom Denied Entry to Ariana Grande Concert

Mom Barred from Entering Ariana Grande Concert Because She Had a Breast Pump

Nothing comes easy for breastfeeding moms. Kate Aulette was excited to see Ariana Grande perform on the Sweetener World Tour at the Little Ceasar’s Arena in Detroit on April 6. Advertisements As the mother of a seven-month-old baby girl, Kate knew that bringing her breast pump to the venue might be a problem, especially considering the heightened security restrictions put in place following the Manchester Arena bombing at Grande’s concert in 2017. That’s why Kate called the venue ahead of time to confirm that she could bring her breast pump. They told her it qualified as a medical device and that she shouldn’t have any trouble bringing it inside. But when Kate got to the venue, things didn’t work out the way she was told they would. Read the post detailing her unfortunate experience below. Advertisements Kate’s Story “I explain that my bag is a breast pump and I start emptying it out for them to search, the security guard says nope you can’t come in with that,” she writes. “I explained that I called ahead and was told this an approved medical item and would not have any issues, they search everything, all my parts, and then proceed to …

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