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Sonogram of Tori Roloff daughter

Is Potential Dwarfism for Second Child a Concern for Tori Roloff?

As everyone awaits the second Roloff baby from Little People, Big World,  a natural question for the expecting parents are concerns over dwarfism for the baby.   Tori took to Instagram to answers fans about her baby on the way. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: ‘Little People, Big World’ Star Tori Roloff Shares Emotional Message About Her Pregnancy Advertisements Tori took to Instagram Stories to share a peek at baby girl. A few weeks ago we shared that Zach and Tori are expecting a sister for son Jackson in November Advertisements Fans Have Asked Whether Their Daughter Will be a Dwarf and Tori Responds Tori has been open about raising son Jackson who is not of normal height.  She’s committed to letting him grow into whom he’s supposed to be regardless of height.  “You should never put your child in a box,” she explained. Advertisements She Shared Sonograms From Both Her Kids with Fans While being pregnant isn’t always fun, it’s super exciting to watch babies develop and grow! Advertisements “The answer is we don’t know — and we won’t until she’s born,” she answered in a video. “We can [know] by now through an amniotic draw … but Zach and I …

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Contract signing

MIL Drafts Contract Over How Many Kids Bride and Groom Can Have

We all know our in-laws can step over the line in all sorts of ways, but weddings are especially notorious.  People bring out their freak flags during wedding planning in unimaginable ways – and this MIL is no exception.     After all, it doesn’t take much for a wedding to go from your wedding to theirs in a blink of an eye.  This becomes especially tricky if the in-laws are the ones paying. Such was the harsh reality of soon to be bride after her future MIL offered to pay for her wedding.  Midway through planning FMIL asked both her and her fiancé to sign a contract promising they would only have one child.   Maybe the bride should have known about the “one kid” clause before she agreed to the wedding! Advertisements YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: This Bride Canceled Her Wedding to Spite Her Mother-In-Law – and the Internet Loves Her for It Bride wanted to elope but MIL wanted a big wedding and planned one with 6 digit price tag Advertisements The bride explained in her recently deleted Reddit post that she was surprised when her fiancé’s mom volunteered to pay for the wedding.  “She’s mainly the one who wanted it …

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Pink Disables Instagram Comments Due to Mom-Shaming

Pink Rocks Hilarious T-Shirt All Parents Can All Relate To

Pink is a rock star both onstage and off with her kids. You can tell she relishes in being a mom and has proven to be super relatable parent. She’s always finding new ways to connect with her kids, whether that means having a gymnastics birthday party or learning to play the trumpet. Pink isn’t just a working mama; she’s a powerhouse. She gives killer performances that require some serious physical strength, and she does it all with her kids watching from the wings.  When we consider all that she does it’s easy to imagine that doing it all can be pretty exhausting. Advertisements YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Pink Perfectly Trolls Mom-Shamers by Dying Her Daughter’s Hair Following Jessica Simpson Controversy Recently she and her band have been touring Europe, which is just one portion of her world tour that spans March-November 2019. Fortunately, 8-year-old Willow and 2-year-old Jameson have joined in for much of it. The mom of two is absolutely crushing working mom life, but let’s face it — she’s tired. Advertisements Pink posted a HILARIOUS picture of herself and the kids. While Willow stands in the background enjoying a snack, Jameson lets out his best lion imitation, roaring …

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Bindi Irwin engagement ring

Bindi Irwin Shows Love For Her Family as She Prepares to Walk Down the Aisle

We’ve seen Bindi Irwin grow up before our eyes into a beautiful person, a model for conservation and animal preservation and daughter her dad Steve would be so proud of. We couldn’t be happier for the 21-year-old who recently got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Chandler Powell. Not surprising, she’s been feeling emotional ever since as she misses her father, looks forward to the future and makes sure her mom and brother are along for the ride. Advertisements YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: After 8 Years Together, This Woman Finally Gets This As Her Engagement Ring — Proving We Should Be Careful What We Wish For Chandler has been part of the Bindi family for some time now.  When Bindi started dating her fiancée six years ago, her family was immediately supportive. Terri and Robert welcomed Chandler into the family and loved how wonderful he and Bindi were together.  It’s obvious that Chandler is meant to be part of the Irwin family. Advertisements Engagement was a matter of time!  On 21st Bindi’s birthday, July 24, Chandler got down on one knee and proposed and she said YES! Later that day, she announced the engagement on Instagram, writing: “July 24th 2019 ❤️ On my birthday I …

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Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Prince George And Princess Charlotte Bond Over Royal Upbringing

We’ve seen how being a royal impacts generation after generations of the British royal family as well as other royal European monarchies such as that of Monaco or Sweden.  Being a royal can be a confusing, overwhelming, and alienating life.    YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Prince George & Princess Charlotte Had The Most Adorable First Day Of School Advertisements Sharing experiences with someone who understands what you’re going through can be life-saving and the only thing keeping you sane.   We saw the bond we between Prince William and Prince Harry, especially after Diana died. They were the only two who truly understood how the other felt as they mourned and missed their beloved mother. We are beginning to see Prince George and Princess Charlotte share a similar bond as the next generation of the monarchy.  They are growing up under extraordinary circumstances, as third and fourth in line to the throne. Advertisements Prince George and Princess Charlotte are more than brother and sister — they’re best friends and are always together.  With two years separating them, they have grown up enjoying time with the rest of their family and getting into mischief like normal children. They’re just a brother and sister growing up and …

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Blac Chyna Fights Mom

WATCH: Blac Chyna Nearly Comes to Blows with Her Mom During Explosive Fight

Apparently, things are going to get real on Blac Chyna’s new reality series, The Real Blac Chyna. The show, which is set to premiere on the Zeus Network this summer, follows the Lashed Cosmetics owner and mother of Rob Kardashian‘s daughter Dream, for a completely unscripted, unfiltered look at her oftentimes-drama-filled world. A recently-released clip from the show teases a throwdown between Blac Chyna (real name: Angela Renée White) and her mother Tokyo Toni (real name: Shalana Hunter). The two, who have a notoriously explosive relationship, get into an altercation after Tokyo suggests that her daughter get a therapist. A screaming match breaks out, with an excessive amount of shoving, vape smoke, and face pointing, leading Blac Chyna to grab a bottle and come after her mother. The fight is eventually broken up by the production crew. Advertisements YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: David Eason Dramatically Confronts Jenelle Evans’ Ex-Boyfriend Nathan Griffith Watch the entire clip below, but please be warned that it features very strong language. Advertisements In addition to Dream, Blac Chyna also shares a 6-year-old son with rapper Tyga. Between Tokyo Toni, Rob (and his family), and Tyga, The Real Blac Chyna promises to be a high-octane reality …

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