Body Cam Footage Shows Chad Doerman Getting Arrested and Booked for Allegedly Murdering His Three Sons

New body cam footage is giving viewers an inside look at the moment Clermont County police officers arrested and booked Chad Doerman, who is being accused of executing his three sons at their family home on June 15 – just three days before Father’s Day. He’s now facing dozens of criminal charges. 

The first video, which was released by the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office, shows police officers arriving at the scene at around 4:30 in the afternoon. Two of the officers spot Doerman sitting on the porch of his house. They carefully approach the suspect before taking him to the ground and placing him in handcuffs.

Doerman was oddly calm during the arrest and asked the officer if he could roll over while talking to them (he was on his stomach at the time). He later asked to stand up because it was getting uncomfortable – adding that he wasn’t going to hurt them or do anything. Doerman was cooperative from start to finish. 

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While one officer was detaining Chad Doerman, the other officer was tending to the three victims – his sons Clayton Doerman, 7, Hunter Doerman, 4, and Chase Doerman, 3. Their deceased bodies were laying on the grass in front of the home and Doerman’s wife was audibly distraught in the background.

A second body cam video shows Doerman and one of the police officers arriving at the Clermont County Jail to be booked and processed. They walk into a holding room where the officer asked if he had ever been to the jail before – he recalled a time when he was booked after getting in a fight with his father. 

A lot of the conversation between Doerman and the officers is bleeped out and/or muted. At one point, Doerman walked over to a wall and banged his head against it. “Don’t be doing that, don’t be beating your head on the wall, okay?” the officer says before taking him into another room for further questioning. 

They take Doerman into a cell, where he is asked to remove his clothes and they inspect him for any drugs, weapons, or other items. He is then given a protective gown, which was used during a full body scan before being taken back to the central area of the jail to continue on with the booking process. 

Chad Doerman Has a Pretrial Hearing Set for July 5

On June 22 – one week after the tragedy unfolded at the family’s home on Laurel Lindale Road – Chad Doerman was indicted on 9 counts of aggravated murder, 8 counts of kidnapping, and 4 counts of felonious assault. While he admitted to planning and executing the murders, he entered a not-guilty plea.

While Clermont County Prosecutor Mark Tekulve is refusing to go into detail regarding the investigation and trial, he did call the triple-murder an ‘unspeakable tragedy’ and is seeking to punish Chad Doerman to the full extent that the law allows. Tekulve didn’t mince words when calling the trial a death penalty case. 

“I can’t go into a whole lot of facts because this is a death penalty case, and my goal is to have this man executed for slaughtering these three little boys,” Tekulve said in court earlier this month. He went on to describe the murders as an ‘incomprehensible act of horror that [Doerman] perpetrated on this family.’

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Also in court, prosecutor DavidGast confirmed that Chad Doerman confessed to the crime. “The evil horror of what we know is impossible to process. In an act of incomprehensible cruelty, the father that stands before you lined up his three young boys and executed them in his own home with a rifle,” he said.

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