Chris Hemsworth Talks About the Challenges of Homeschooling His 3 Rambunctious Kids

Chris Hemsworth Talks About the Challenges of Homeschooling His 3 Rambunctious Kids

Chris Hemsworth of Thor fame recently opened up about the challenges of social distancing and homeschooling his three children. The 36-year-old actor is hunkered down in his Byron Bay Australian mansion with his wife Elsa Pataky their three kids India Rose, 7, and 6-year-old twins, Sasha and Tristan.

While he might be enjoying time away from jet setting around the world to film various projects, getting his children to concentrate long enough to teach them anything has become especially difficult.

While doing press for a new Netflix film, Hemsworth discussed how the health crisis has impacted his family.

In a video for The Daily Mail Hemsworth was meant to be doing press for an upcoming Netflix project, but mostly discussed family life instead.

“Homeschooling them is an absolute challenge,” he explains in the video. “It’s three hours of negotiation and maybe 20 minutes of actual work.”

“My children just crave interaction with other kids so much, obviously, and that’s a challenge,” he says.

“My kids are allergic to sitting down.”

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Hemsworth joked in an Instagram story: “My kids are allergic to sitting down.”

Have truer words ever been said?

Hemsworth mentioned the mental toll the health crisis can have on children.

“Kids are feeling anxiety and stress like us — probably more so because they don’t understand it, and it’s difficult for us to explain it to them,” he said before admitting that he’s been trying out guided meditation apps (one such app, he owns) with his children.

The actor is smart to try and keep himself and his children relaxed at such a stressful time.

Despite the homeschooling challenges, Hemsworth admits that he’s enjoying quality time with his family.

“We’re just enjoying being together,” he said. “We’ve been dragged all over the world for many different reasons over the last few years, so it’s good to have time together.”

Hemsworth had already planned on taking a year off from acting to spend time with his children. Hectic filming schedules in far-flung places had taken a toll on the actor in recent years.

Hemsworth was already planning on taking some time for himself and his family.

“This year I probably won’t shoot anything,” Chris told the Daily Telegraph in June of 2019. “I just want to be at home now with my kids. They are at a very important age. They’re still young and they are aware when I leave more than ever before.”

Well, it looks like he’ll be forced to take the time off even if it was already planned.

Hemsworth has spoken about the difficulty of raising young children and his demanding work schedule.

He recalled a time when he had to fly to London to film a movie after being home in Australia for a few months. His daughter was devastated when he had to leave.

“She’s normally like, ‘Yeah, see you, Daddy, cool!'” he told GQ. “This time she was like, ‘Papa! Papa! Papa!’ I wasn’t, like, sobbing, but…”

Although the break was planned, he probably hadn’t planned on becoming a part-time teacher for his kids.

Hemsworth isn’t the only celebrity feeling the pressure right now. Kim Kardashian recently spilled the T on The View.

“Being at home with four kids…” Kardashian told Whoopi Goldberg, “if I ever thought for a minute that I wanted another one — that is out the door. It’s really tough. Really tough.”

She went on: “I’ve been doing laundry and cooking and being their teacher too. I have newfound respect for teachers. They deserve so much. It’s been tough juggling it all — you really have to put yourself on the back burner and just focus on the kids.”

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Meanwhile, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have resorted to marrying stuffed animals to entertain their two kids.

Teigen and Legend threw the “wedding of the century” for their daughter, Luna’s stuffed animals.

So, if you’re feeling weird as a parent right now, so are the rich, well-connected, and beautiful. Chris Hemsworth lives in a $20 Million mansion, Chrissy Teigen employs an entire staff, and Kim Kardashian is the richest of them all.

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Cut yourself some slack moms and dads! Love yourself and be patient with your children. We’re going to get through this!

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