Chris Lane’s Wife Lauren Is Asking Mamas Everywhere For Breastfeeding Advice!

Calling all mamas! Lauren Lane is asking for breast feeding tips and STAT!

“Part of me didn’t want to share this photo because it really isn’t a realistic representation of what breastfeeding has been like for me. It’s been hard and honestly painful at times and quite the opposite of glamorous.”

Chris Lane's Wife Lauren Is Asking Mamas Everywhere For Breastfeeding Advice!3
Image via Instagram

“With the help of a lactation consultant we’ve somewhat corrected this little snapping turtles latch and are making so much progress but I still worry if he’s getting enough, if my body is doing it’s job, and often wonder ‘why isn’t today going as well as yesterday, is it my fault?’”

She continued on, praising her husband for capturing the candid photo.

“I didn’t know Chris was taking this photo and although it’s not necessarily representative of our reality for the first two weeks, I want to frame it and keep it forever. because even through the pain and frustration I can’t help but smile watching you. I have cherished this special time with you sweet Dutton and I am incredibly thankful for a healthy, growing baby ???? any moms please comment pumping / breastfeeding tips pls and thank u!”

Chris Lane's Wife Lauren Is Asking Mamas Everywhere For Breastfeeding Advice!
Image via Instagram

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Users were quick to give their support, with one user saying: “My BFF @kcg1329 who is one of the best feeding therapists ever always says “trust yourself and trust your baby.” Sending you so much.”

While another commented: “Nobody shares how hard it is for sure …. the best advice I ever got when I struggled [with] every challenge [with] my first was never quit on a bad day when emotions are high and I was so defeated and upset … so I had powered through and it turned into something beautiful! You’re doing amazing mama!”

Followed by: “It’s hard at first. The hardest thing I’ve ever done! But it gets easier day by day you figure it out together! Find a comfortable position for each side- always bring baby to breast not breast to baby.”

Chris Lane's Wife Lauren Is Asking Mamas Everywhere For Breastfeeding Advice!
Image via Instagram

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According to the Mayo Clinic, their advice is as follows: “For the first few weeks, most newborns breast-feed every two to three hours round-the-clock. Watch for early signs of hunger, such as stirring, restlessness, sucking motions and lip movements. Let your baby nurse from the first breast thoroughly, until your breast feels soft — typically about 15 to 20 minutes. Keep in mind, however, that there is no set time.”

“Then try burping the baby,” the site continues. “After that, offer the second breast. If your baby’s still hungry, he or she will latch on. If not, simply start the next breastfeeding session with the second breast. If your baby consistently nurses on only one breast at a feeding during the first few weeks, pump the other breast to relieve pressure and protect your milk supply.”

Do you have any tips? Be sure to share them below!

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