Chris Rock Responds to Jada Pinkett Smith After She Claimed He Asked Her Out

Chris Rock isn’t interested in reliving the ‘Oscars Slap’ and is, ironically, telling Jada Pinkett Smith to ‘keep his name out of her d**n mouth’ – referring to her interview with Hoda Kotb on Friday (Oct. 13) and her new memoir Worthy (which is available Oct. 17), as well as other interviews she has done lately.

Now, a source is telling the Daily Mail that Chris ‘hates that she keeps bringing it up and bringing up the other revelations about Chris asking her on a date and all of that.’ The source described Chris as a ‘relatively private person’ and was ‘just getting to a point where people may have started to move on.’

Chris finds it ‘frustrating’ that the incident keeps getting brought up ‘and would actually love for her to keep his name out of her damn mouth’ – of course, referring to Jada’s husband, Will Smith, yelling at Chris to ‘keep my wife’s name out your f***ing mouth’ after he cracked a joke about her at the Oscars. 

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“Chris has said his piece on the entire Will Smith slap, but now with these new revelations from Jada that her and Will have been living separate lives it is just another WTF moment in the whole saga from these past few years between Chris, her, and Will,” the source added on Oct. 13, according to the Daily Mail. 

In her recent interviews and her upcoming memoir, Jada Pinkett Smith talks about a range of topics about her life and career – the ‘Oscars Slap,’ her marriage to Will Smith, and her interactions with Chris Rock being three of the most talked about. In fact, Pinkett Smith brings up Chris Rock on numerous occasions. 

In an interview with Hoda Kotb on Oct. 13, she talked about how Chris once asked her out when he heard rumors that she and Will were getting a divorce. She told him they were just rumors and it wasn’t true, he apologized, and that was that. Jada also revealed that she and Will have been separated for seven years.

When talking about the infamous ‘Oscars Slap,’ Jada says she thought it was a skit at first and claims that Chris looked at her while snippets for the best documentary nominees were shown (after the slap) and apologized – adding that he ‘meant no harm’ by his joke, which made fun of her shaved head (alopecia). 

Jada Pinkett Smith Talks About Her ‘Misunderstanding’ With Chris Rock

In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, which was published on Oct. 13, Jada Pinkett Smith claimed that she hasn’t spoken to Chris Rock since the ‘Oscars Slap’ incident and described what she feels is a giant misunderstanding between her and Chris – something she wants cleared up so they can move forward. 

“Here’s my desire: I just hope that all the misunderstanding around this can be cleared up and that there can be peace,” she says in her PEOPLE interview. “I think that he might’ve taken offense, which I meant no harm in offending. That wasn’t my intention. But I do think that there’s a big misunderstanding there.”

She also went on to admit that she should’ve called Chris after the incident to see how he was doing, to wish him the best, and to let him know she understood that his feelings might’ve been hurt too. She believes things wouldn’t be as toxic as they are now if she just made that one, quick, simple phone call.

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“All we can ever do is just look at our part and see where could I have done something that would’ve seemed as if… Whatever misunderstanding might’ve been created, what could I have done to avoid that misunderstanding? The one thing that I think about is that call,” she said. Her new memoir is out Oct. 17 — which will likely bring plenty more revelations.

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