Chrissy Teigen On ‘Pizzagate Insanity’ And How It Directly Affects Her Mental Health And Pregnancy

While Chrissy Teigen does “very much so not like it,” she continues to grin and bear her comment section despite conspiracy theorists posting pizzagate-related comments.

As the years tick on — so does Teigen’s comment section when it comes to unsubstantiated allegations of sex trafficking and ties to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

chrissy teigen on 'pizzagate insanity' hurting mental health
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Many individuals have and continue to accuse both her and husband John Legend of pedophilia or leave a string of pizza emojis in the comments section of her Instagram — a reference to the discredited “Pizzagate” theory, which gained popularity in part because of the far-right conspiracy group QAnon. 

Both Teigen and Legend have repeatedly claimed there is no truth behind the claims, while authorities have never formally accused the couple of wrongdoing. That being said, it doesn’t mean people stopped speculating….

Back in July, Teigen revealed how she deleted 60,000 tweets in an attempt to safeguard her loved ones, writing, “I’m worried for my family.”

chrissy teigen on 'pizzagate insanity' hurting mental health
Image via Instagram

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And now, Teigen reveals on Instagram how it got to a point where she stopped leaving “cute” comments on her friend’s social media posts as she believed “they’d be flooded with pizzagate insanity.”

“I have lived a life begging for people to like me and think I’m cool and funny and their friend, and bam, it felt like everyone f–king hated me. I couldn’t do anything right, say anything right,” she claims, adding, “My own fan pages wrote me, asking if I still wanted to be talked about even though the comments would be super hurtful.”

In addition to this (she refers to them as her “deep dark internet/real-life days,”) Teigen also describes recovering from a breast reduction surgery that posed a potential threat to her pregnancy.

chrissy teigen on 'pizzagate insanity' hurting mental health
Image via Instagram

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“I was so so so scared the aggression on my body took a toll on the baby and just mentally came to terms with it ‘not working out’. It had never worked out naturally before so for sure it wouldn’t now!” Chrissy reveals.

And while she noted how there were bigger things happening in the world — she candidly continued on, saying: “There is so much worse in the world, but man, aside from the world sucking, my little world sucked too.”

But after receiving “support” from fans in recent months, Teigen states: “I guess I’ve come to terms with the fact not everyone is going to like me, and even though I still VERY MUCH DO NOT LIKE THAT, i can live with it.”

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