Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Just Welcomed a Surprise Baby Boy and Chose a Unique Name for Him: We Dig Into It and Offer Others Names Like It

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have been making headlines for years, from their stunning red carpet appearances to their hilarious social media shenanigans. But the latest news from this power couple is perhaps the most exciting of all – they just welcomed a surprise baby boy! And as if that weren’t enough, they’ve also chosen a truly unique name for their little one, sparking speculation and excitement among fans and followers. In this blog post, we’ll dig into the details of their new arrival and explore some other unique names that will inspire parents-to-be looking for something a little different.

From the moment Teigen and Legend announced the birth of their son on social media, fans have been buzzing about his name: Wren Alexander Stephens. This appellation is certainly a departure from more traditional names like Luna or Miles, and many are wondering what inspired the couple to choose such a unique option. In this post, we’ll dive deeper into the meaning behind the name and look at some other unconventional options that parents might want to consider when naming their own little ones. So whether you’re a die-hard fan of Teigen and Legend or simply curious about the latest trends in baby naming, you won’t want to miss this list.

Wren Alexander Stephens

Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

“For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted four children,” Teigen shared as part of Wren’s birth announcement. “Our hearts, and our home are officially full,” she wrote in conclusion.

Wren is more stylish than more time-tested options like Robin and Lark. More parents are turning to Wren than ever before in the US. The unisex name is one of the fastest-rising English names for girls today. It has yet to take off for boys fully, but in England, you will find it on many boys’ birth certificates.

More About Wren

Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

The wren bird is a small and storied one. The ancient Druids believed that the bird signaled a prophecy. The bird is also related to the fable of the election of the “king of birds.” Not bad, right?

Wren as a baby name represents the convergence of the two hottest naming trends today: gender-neutral appellations and names inspired by our natural world. Keep reading if you like Wren and want to discover more names like it. We’ve got some evocative options to share!


Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

Like Juniper and Willow, Cypress is a wonderful tree-inspire nature name that is waiting for new parents to climb. This name is the perfect choice for lovers of trees and Cypress Hill. The name of the tree comes from a Greek myth about a boy who turned into a tree.


Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

Sage is a top 500 baby name in the US for both boys and girls today. We love that parents have adopted this name en masse since the 1990s. Sage is the name of a delicious herb and also a Latin term meaning “wise and knowing.” Ancient cultures, from the Greeks to the Arabs, believed that burning sage imparted wisdom and could lead to a very long life.


Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

Cricket is a delightful appellation chosen by Busy Philipps for her daughter. Cricket works for both boys and girls, and we would love to hear more of this chirping name. This quirky nickname has existed for a long time in American culture, and we are pleased it has been adopted by parents as a proper given name. It’s a delight!


Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

It’s a mystery to us why Lake has not landed in the US top 1000 most popular baby names in recent years. Lake is an established English surname but is very similar to the perennial favorite Blake. Like Blake, Lake is considered a unisex nature baby name that works well for both boys and girls. You should get ahead of the trend when choosing this name; we expect it to be a hit in the next few years.


Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

Rowan is a top 500 name for both boys and girls today, with the scale tipped ever so slightly in the boys’ favor. Rowan sounds exotic, but the name comes from Scottish and Irish tradition as a nature baby name that means “rowan tree” and “little redhead.” In Celtic tradition, the Rowan tree was seen as an actor for good, warding off witches and bad vibes.


Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

Lynx combines a few qualities trending among new parents today. In addition to its connection to nature and gender-neutral, it also has an attractive X-ending that parents can’t seem to get enough of. Lynx is one of the fiercest new animal names to emerge in recent years, and we expect this one to catch fire soon enough.


Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

A botanical name you will not live to regret, Rue is a charming and charismatic baby name that parents are flocking to today. The rue plant was discovered by the ancient Romans to have medicinal value. Rue has yet to land in the US top 1000, but we expect that to change. Casual yet sophisticated, Rue is a real winner for both boys and girls.


Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

Vega is an Arabic baby name adopted by the Romans. It was given to the brightest star in the Northern Constellation. Vega is currently an extremely trendy name for baby girls in Spain today, but it has been largely undiscovered elsewhere. Vega means “landing eagle.” It sounds zesty enough for your little star.


Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

As far as unisex nature baby names go, River is essentially the end all be all of names. It’s perfect for both boys and girls as it feels cool and fresh. The name is super popular today for all babies in the US and UK. Kelly Clarkson was the latest celebrity to choose this name for her daughter, and we think you should follow.


Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

Literature lovers will recognize Arden as the name of a mystical forest in Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Beyond that association, Arden is an English appellation that means “valley of the eagle.” This sleek and stylish name is popular for baby boys and girls today, with the balance leaning towards boys at the moment.


Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

Aspen is a baby name that has emerged as a new favorite among nature-loving parents, and it might be the new Brooklyn in the next couple of years. Aspen is a top 500 baby name for girls today, but we expect that to be true for boys as well soon enough. Aspen is the name of a cherished tree with heart-shaped leaves that gave the cool ski town Aspen its name.


Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

Despite being associated with the Roman father of all gods, Jupiter is much more common among baby girls than boys. We love this name for both boys and girls. The ancient Romans believed Jupiter to assume the body of an eagle. The god was seen as a controller of lightning; thus, an eagle holding a lightning bolt in its talons became a symbol for the god and Rome itself. Jupiter’s root means “sky father.”

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Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

Elm is the name of a tree, but it also has roots as a genuine baby name in German, Danish, and Norse traditions. The name is typically given to boys, often as a middle name meaning “red” and “brown.” Elm works perfectly for baby boys, but we love it for baby girls as it fits in the names like Emily, Alma, and Ann.


Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

Oak trees have long been a symbol of solidarity and longevity. These beautiful trees also have an equally pleasant name in Oak. Oak works as a name that’s somewhat blunt but also stately. Variants include Oakes and Oakley. This appellation also works perfectly as a middle name.


Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

Sky is an attractive appellation that goes to girls more often than boys. Even with the character Sky Masterson appearing in the Guys and Dolls musical of the 1950s, Sky has yet to take off for boys. Let’s change that, new parents! Sky refers to the heavens, but its roots mean “scholar.”


Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

Cedar is yet another name inspired by trees. Cedar is pushing boundaries today, discovered but not wholly established; Cedar could be the new Ash, given time. As mentioned in the Bible, the Lebanon Cedar was used to build King Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem. That may or may not appeal to those wanting something completely secular, but it’s why so many hospitals have Cedars in their names.


Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

If you’re looking for an appellation with depth, we urge you to consider Ocean. Ocean is a gorgeous name that new parents are beginning to choose for its beautiful sound and powerful meaning. Oceane is a hot variation of this name in France as well as Oceanus. This name is sure to make a splash!


Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

Harbor is in a class of emerging baby names beginning to be seen as possibilities. Harbor sounds fabulous and feels like gifting your child a safe haven in name form. Harbor has long been a common surname, so it could easily jump to given-name territory.


Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

Sunny is going to more baby girls than boys today, but we think it’s a nature name that works well for all babies. Sunny began as a nickname for a cheerful child and evolved into a given name possibility in the middle of the twentieth century. We are glad new parents are rediscovering this vintage charmer and applying today.


Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

Like Harbor, Bay is another nautical name. However, Bay has a long history as a baby name as it was used by the ancient Romans. In Latin, Bay means “berry,” a reference to the prized laurel bay tree used for medicinal and culinary purposes for centuries. Despite this appellation’s historical precedent, it has yet to take off as an option for most American parents. That should change!


Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

Indigo is a unisex name that is currently very popular in Australia and England but, for some reason, has yet to appeal as widely among American parents. Indigo has Greek origins meaning “Indian dye,” a reference to the treasured pigment used since antiquity to give clothes a vibrant bluish color.


Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

Dove used to be one of the most popular bird names. It was prevalent in the seventeenth century and beyond. The name was popular in the US until the 1890s when it fell from fashion and never re-entered the top 1000. The dove is a beautiful symbol of peace that gives this name added meaning.

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Baby Names Like Chrissy Teigen's Wren

Raven is another one of the bird names on this list that go beyond the likes of Robin and Lark. While this name is totally unisex, we have Raven Symone to thank for making it a hit for girls. Ravens have long been symbols of prophecy and insight.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s surprise baby boy and his unique appellation have captured the hearts and imaginations of fans around the world. From Wren to Arrow to Atlas, there are plenty of other unconventional names out there that might inspire parents-to-be looking for something a little different. Happy baby name hunting!

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