Regal City Names for Boys From Aspen to York

Are you trying to find names for boys that make a statement? City names for boys are bold and offer sophistication and plenty of style. Further, these appellations are evocative of the qualities of the cities they name. Certain city names work better than others and we’ve found suitable options that sound established, regal, and appropriate for a baby boy born today.

Years ago, these names were mostly considered off-limits as far as baby names go but thanks to celebrity parents and other tastemakers, city names for boys are more popular today than ever before. If you’d like to discover some city name options for your son, take a look below to find baby name inspiration.

Make Your Baby Boy’s Appellation One to Remember with These City Names for Boys!


city names for boys

Starting in the early 1990s, parents began to choose the name Brooklyn for their baby boys (and girls). Today, it’s one of the most popular unisex names in the US. The name was derived from the original Dutch town of Breukelen. Dutch settlers brought the name to what’s now called New York as it roughly translates to “broken land.”


city names for boys

London is a posh name that works well for a baby boy. It’s contested how the name London came to be. Some say it was derived from Latin others claim it was coined by the Celts. Any way you slice it, London makes for an attractive choice, especially if you have ties to it.


city names for boys

In the late 19th century, Rome was a fairly popular name for baby boys in the US. It spent over 100 years off the popularity charts before making a comeback in 2019. We’re so thrilled this name is getting play from new parents today. The name Roma is derived from the founding myth and is related to Romulus.


city names for boys

Austin is an English name from Latin, a form of Augustin, meaning “magnificent.” If you’ve been to this Texas town, you know how true that characterization is. Austin is a top-100 name in the US for boys but it’s been slipping from its heights in the late nineties for several years.


city names for boys

Orlando has been a top-1000 name for boys since the SSA began tracking baby naming in the US. Orlando is an Italian form of the German name Roland, which means “famous throughout the land.” For parents who love sunshine and possibly Disney, Orlando could be the perfect option.


city names for boys

In the mid-nineties, parents began to realize the potential of the name Phoenix for their baby boys. The mythic bird, a symbol of rebirth, comes from Greek and it means “dark red.”


city names for boys

Considered a grandpa name today, Eugene deserves more from new parents these days. It’s a true classic that’s been in use since Ancient Greece. The name’s roots mean “noble” and “wellborn.” It’s one of the most subtle city names for boys, referring to a beautiful city in Oregon.


city names for boys

One of the not-so-subtle city names for boys, Aspen, actually names a tree with heart-shaped leaves that appear to “shiver” in the breeze. Aspen is a unisex name that’s actually going to far more girls than boys these days. You can help change that!


city names for boys

Sydney was once a red-hot name for baby boys at the end of the 19th century. It remains popular for girls but we’d love to hear this attractive appellation for more boys. The name is derived from Sidney, a French name that means “Saint-Denis.”


city names for boys

Jackson is one of the city names for boys that’s more popular today than ever before. It’s a perennial favorite that is of English origin and means “Jack’s son.” It now ranks higher in popularity than John and Jack!


city names for boys

Lincoln is an English habitational name that refers to someone who is from the “town by the pool.” Lincoln was out of fashion as late as the 1990s before launching to become more popular than ever before in recent years. It’s hard to imagine a world without the ubiquity of this awesome name.


city names for boys

Warren is a name from French that was recorded as one of England’s oldest recorded surnames. Due to this, it should come as no surprise that families like to keep this name in the family. The name has been popular in the US for as long as records have been kept. Warren is an occupational name that means “parkkeeper.”


city names for boys

Dallas is a dusty, cowboy name that’s been popular in the US for over 100 years! Dallas names a great Texas’ city but also comes from Irish as a name that means “skilled.” The appellation hit its peak popularity in 1995 but it still continues to be a beloved choice today, one of the most steadfast city names for boys ever.


city names for boys

Some city names for boys fail to launch. York is one such name that only landed in the US top-1000 names in 1881. Where’s the love for this enchanting and blunt name? The name is an English habitational name that means “from the yew forest.”

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city names for boys

One of the best city names for boys (that has been co-opted for girls in recent years) is Paris. Paris has a much longer and richer history as a name for boys, dating back to the 1880s. For girls, the name has only been hot since 1985. The etymology of Paris is debated but it likely comes from a Celtic root that means “cauldron.”


city names for boys

Kent has been MIA for a few decades now. This awesomely blunt and to-the-point appellation deserves more attention, parents. The name can be traced to both English and Scandinavian origins meaning “edge.” You’ll find Kent in Southeastern England today.


city names for boys

One of the most energetic city names for boys is the delightful Rio. Rio is a Tex-Mex name that is of Spanish origin and means “river.” Rio landed in the US top-1000 most popular names for boys for the very first time in 2020. Let’s keep that momentum going.


city names for boys

Bronx, the borough, is named after the river which was named for Dutch settler Jonas Bronck. Bronx was chosen by Ashlee Simpson for her baby and we are eager to learn if it takes off with new parents in coming years. If you’re looking for city names for boys that have yet to take hold, this would be a perfect option.


city names for boys

Denver, as a name for a boy, saw its most popular year over 100 years ago in 1919. But, it’s on the rise again today. Denver is a place name from French, meaning “from Anvers.” Denver has started to trend for girls in recent years but it’s still firmly considered appropriate for baby boys.


city names for boys

Over the past fifteen years, Memphis has emerged as a mildly popular choice for baby boys. It names a town famous for the Blues in the US, but the name originally belonged to a city in Ancient Egypt. This storied name has Coptic and Greek origins and means “enduring and beautiful.”


city names for boys

Paxton is one of the city names for boys with “city” in its meaning. There is a village in England called Great Paxton, but you’ve likely never heard of it. Paxton is a name of Latin and English origin and means “peace town.” It’s currently on the rise in the US!


city names for boys

Easton is yet another city name for boys with “city” in its meaning. Easton is of English origin and means “east-facing town.” The name emerged as a hit for boys in the 1990s and it’s now, one of the most popular names for boys in the US.


city names for boys

One of the city names for boys that has yet to completely catch on is Dublin. The capital of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin got its name from a feature behind Dublin Castle. It means “dark pool.” Get ahead of the trend, honor your Irish heritage, or just choose it because it sounds excellent!


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Today, Brixton refers to an area of London. The name comes from Brixistane which means “stone of Brixi.” Brixi is thought to have constructed a boundary stone to mark the meeting place of the ancient Brixton hundred court of Surrey. Brixton first landed in the US top-1000 in 2016 and it’s been on the rise ever since.

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city names for boys

One of our very favorite city names for boys comes from Scotland. This Scottish name means “winding valley.” Camden is a Jersey boy name but there is also a hip neighborhood in Northwest London called Camden Town. Camden emerged as a popular choice for boys in the 1990s and it’s been going strong ever since.

There you go! Did any of these city names for boys stand out to you? We hope they inspire you to consider something different as each of these names sounds both modern and timeless. Whether you love a certain city or simply like a city’s name, no excuse is needed to choose any of these stunning options.

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