Watch CNN Reporter React to a Huge Cicada Crawling Up His Neck While Preparing for a Live Shot

How would react to a cicada crawling up your neck as you were about to report live from the Capitol building for CNN?

Well, if you were to react like this?

Then you and CNN reporter Manu Raju are on the same page. If I’m being completely honest with you, I used to live in the DMV area where the cicadas have come out in full force these last couple of weeks, and I’m just glad I don’t live there anymore.

As Raju explained in his caption on Twitter, he “had an unwelcome visitor try to crawl into my live shot” he was preparing for on May 27. And his reaction was pretty relatable.

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“My nightmare,” one person responded to the video. “How did he stay so calm?! That thing is huge,” another wrote.

People also question why his crew didn’t notify him about the cicada earlier, as it was pretty noticeable crawling up the front of his suit jacket all the way up to his neck. 

And other found it super relatable when Raju ultimately asked, “Are they in my hair?” “You are all of us,” a commenter added.

But while Raju is like so many of us and not fans of the growing population of cicadas in the DMV area, his twin children are. In an interview with CNN’s New Day following the incident, Raju said all his children do is talk about the insects.

“They put them on their hands, they’re on the cicada research committee in their pre-K class in school, so I can tell you, they love the video.”

And that wasn’t even the first cicada that crawled on him that day. “There was another cicada that allegedly fell out of my pocket, and that happened as I was waiting to go on,” Raju said. “Our producer, Morgan Rimer said, ‘A cicada just fell out of your pocket’ and I saw it on the ground and I was a bit stunned.”

And understandable so! These cicadas are unearthing themselves after living under ground for 17 years! Yeesh!

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