Coco Austin Speaks Out After She’s Mom-Shamed Again for How She Decides to Bathe Her Daughter

Early last week, Coco Austin took to TikTok to share a parenting tip, when you’re getting ready in a hurry as a mom, bathe your child in the sink while you do your hair and makeup.

According to Coco, who is no stranger to having her parenting techniques critiqued by the general public, bathing your child in the sink “is easiest when you have to be fast.” In reality, it’s not uncommon for parents to bathe their children in the sink. In fact, you can buy inserts for your sink that fit newborns to help make baths safer.

Coco Austin Speaks Out After She’s Mom-Shamed Again for How She Decides to Bathe Her Daughter


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Nonetheless, people took issue with Coco bathing her 6-year-old little girl Chanel in her sink as they got ready for a fashion show. “Damn how deep is your sink. And sink baths are the best. My kids are too big for ours,” one commenter wrote, to which Coco replied saying, “Well, it’s deep but she is also petite.”

And while many of the comments on her post were supportive, there were a lot of mom shamers out in full force as well. “I think she is a bit too old for the sink! If she can put her Lil heels on, she can get in the shower or bath tube. I understand it’s your only child, but she’s growing up and something’s aren’t for the world to see, such as her in the bath,” a commenter wrote.

“She definitely old enough to bathe herself. With the breastfeeding and all, it’s creepy af how hard she is trying to keep this girl in an infantile stage,” another naysayer added. Now, Coco is responding to those people who continue to have something to say about the way she parents.

After Page Six picked up the TikTok, Coco took to Twitter to respond to those who have something negative to say. “Wow just Wow! Here we go again! Giving my Lil girl a bath in the sink went viral,” she wrote. 

“SMH! People you gotta know by now that I’m an unconventional mother. I do what works and is easier on me. Some may want to take some pointers rather than rag on me,” Coco added.

And Coco certainly has a point. She has always been unapologetically open when it comes to her unconventional parenting techniques which also includes breastfeeding her daughter for years.

Nonetheless, while Coco’s parenting styles are conventional no two parenting styles are the same. And Coco is right, as parents, you have to do what is right for you and your child.

The only thing anyone should care about is if Coco and Chanel are happy and if their many videos and pictures reveal this mother and daughter duo are one of the happiness.

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