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*Trigger Warning* I Contacted CPS Due to Something Disturbing my Son Said: Advice?

*Trigger Warning* I Contacted CPS Due to Something Disturbing my Son Said That Led Me to Believe He May Have Been Sexually Abused: Advice?

“My son usually sees his father a couple of times a week, sometimes overnight, sometimes for a few hours. Roughly a month ago, he made comments to me that have thought he might have been sexually and physically abused by his father. I called DHS and got sole custody while they investigate.”

My daughter comes home from school defeated:Advice???

I’m sorry this is so long, but I have nobody else to ask! What would you do in this situation? My child is in the 3rd grade currently. She has hated school for the last two years, and I mean, she absolutely hates it! She is constantly making negative comments like I don’t want to go to dumb school, and I hate dumb school! The worst one was two mornings ago she told me she wanted to burn the school down with the teachers in it! I couldn’t believe the words that came out of her mouth as this was 5 minutes after she had woken up! To give you a quick recap of her last 2 years of school – 1st grade she had a teacher who was literally the devil she bullied and belittled my daughter for nearly the entire year up until the last three months when I stormed into the school demanding they put my daughter in another class and not let that teacher have any sort of contact with her ever. She had called my daughter Lala(her name)land in front of her classmates because she said my daughter spaced out, and the other children began …

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My 3-year-old has started stuttering: Advice?

My son is three years old. He has been talking well before one years old. Recently I have noticed he has started stuttering and in the past week it is getting worse. I plan on calling his pediatrician Monday. I was wondering if any moms have gone through this? Do you think he may out grow it? Im starting to get very anxious. I have tried telling him to slow down but I think he just gets super excited. Any suggestions? Anonymous Community MemberThis question was asked by a Facebook community member who has asked to remain anonymous.