101 Cool Boy Names

Finding cool boy names can be tricky because every single person has a different understanding of cool. For our purposes, cool boy names are simply baby names that are evocative, stylish, and make a statement. While many people might think names like Michael, John, and Noah are cool (they are classics for a reason!), we urge you to venture out of your comfort zone slightly to discover some names that sound even fresher.

Cool boy names can be inspired by nature, dusted off from the past, or be inspired by cultural heroes. There’s no shortage of places to turn for inspiration when finding cool baby names for boys and we will share with you 101 of our favorites here for you to consider. We hope that these names will inspire you and fit with your family’s style.

Get Frosty with These Cool Boy Names!

Cool Boy Names – Rockstar Names


100 Cool Boy Names

David Bowie inspires our first name on this list, Bowie, a name with Scottish origins, meaning “blond.” If you are not sold on this name, we are not fully done with the icon of music.


100 Cool Boy Names

Ziggy Stardust inspires our next cool name, Ziggy. It comes from German as a shortened form of Sigmund or Siegfried. Aside from sounding like a blast, this appellation means “victorious peace.”


100 Cool Boy Names

Associated most closely with a Rolling Stone with the last name Jagger, Mick is an English nickname-name, from Michael, meaning “who is like God.”


100 Cool Boy Names

Inspired by the legend, Prince, we chose this royal name from Latin, meaning “chief” and “prince.” Prince is a more popular name in the US than ever before!


100 Cool Boy Names

A popular choice among celebrities and increasingly among parents looking for a classic Americana name with a little edge. Thanks, Johnny! Cash means “currency” but it’s also considered a form of the Latin name Cassius, meaning “hollow.”

Cool Boy Names Inspired by Space


100 Cool Boy Names

Parents are gravitating toward space-inspired baby names for the past few years. What’s not to love about that? Aries is a Latin name meaning “a ram.” You might recall that Aries is the Roman god of war but don’t let that stop you from picking this treasure of a name.


100 Cool Boy Names

Cosmo comes from Greek origin and means “order” and “beauty.” The name was once mildly popular in the US at the start of the 20th century. It’s one of our favorite cool boy names on this list! Let’s bring it back!


100 Cool Boy Names

In France today, Elio is one of the hottest cool boy names! The name is an Italian and Spanish appellation from the Greek name, Helios, meaning “the sun.” Helios was a Greek god of the sun.


100 Cool Boy Names

Janus comes from Greek and means “gateway.” To the ancient Romans, Janus was a god associated with transitions. He is depicted as having two faces, one looking to the future, the other the past. Janus brings us the month name, January, as it is a start of a new year and the close of a previous one.


100 Cool Boy Names

Hoku comes from Hawaiian tradition and means “night of the full moon.” With the huge hit Kai already dominating, perhaps Hoku is the next big thing.

Cool Boy Names That Actually Mean ‘Cool’


100 Cool Boy Names

Blaze comes from a French surname that actually means “blizzard.” It’s both hot and cool which might explain why the name has taken off in recent years.


100 Cool Boy Names

While we could group Aspen with other cool boy names from nature, we find it always reminds us of the trendy ski resort town in Colorado. Although, you might love this name for its association with the poplar tree.


100 Cool Boy Names

Frost has long been used as an English surname, meaning “freeze.” Is Frost a name that’s too cold to touch? You get to decide!


100 Cool Boy Names

Whittaker refers to a “white covered field” and it too has been in use for a long time as an English surname. Whittaker seems like a layered appellation fit for a deep thinker. You also get the option to call him the fun nickname, Whit.


100 Cool Boy Names

Nevada has Spanish origins and means “covered in snow.” It’s one of the fastest-growing gender-neutral baby names today.

Appellations So Uncool They’re Cool Boy Names


100 Cool Boy Names

We think “hipster” is a loaded term that gets thrown around too liberally. Lars falls into a category that many will refer to as “hipster baby names.” We’re not sure what that means, but we do know that Lars once seemed unfortunate but now feels like a fresh possibility. It means “crowned with laurel.”


100 Cool Boy Names

A name Shakespeare chose for a mischievous pixie, Puck was a figure around in European folklore for a long time before A Midsummer Night’s Dream was ever staged. The origin of the name Puck are disputed but it likely comes from Scandinavia, meaning “poke.” The word pixie comes from Puck.


100 Cool Boy Names

Scribe of the great Greek epic poems The Odyssey and The Iliad, Homer once inspired many, many new parents in the US to choose the appellation for their sons. Today, you never meet a little boy with this name. Homer means “pledge.”


100 Cool Boy Names

Ansel is a Germanic name meaning “with divine protection.” The iconic photographer Ansel Adams who captured the American west proves a great motivator for choosing this appellation.


100 Cool Boy Names

Cool boy names do not necessarily mean that they have ever been popular. We are fond of the Hungarian name Lazlo (also spelled Laszlo) but the name has never appealed to American parents in the way it has to European ones. This dreamy name means “glorious ruler.”

Cool Boy Names Inspired by Nature


100 Cool Boy Names

Sure, you could spell it Leif, like the Scandinavian name that means “heir,” but we find the natural version of this name, Leaf, to be the real winner. This name will require some defending but you should stand by it.


100 Cool Boy Names

The name of an inlet, but also an old botanical name coined by the Romans for the plant, Bay means “berry.” If you like names like River and Lake, Bay is another one of the cool baby names that have refreshing water vibes.


100 Cool Boy Names

Wren is currently popular across the UK for both boys and girls. In the US, the name has been favored for girls and has been slower to take off. We love this nature name that means “small bird.” We think it works especially great for baby boys thanks to the established appellation, Ren.


100 Cool Boy Names

A name from Latin, meaning “wise and knowing,” Sage could be a wise old man or a name for a happy little boy today. This name also belongs to a soft herb that’s been treasured for its fragrance and medicinal properties for millennia.


100 Cool Boy Names

Another one of the cool boy names inspired by nature, Oak comes from English. Oak is one of the newer tree names parents are going out on a limb to try. But, we think it is going to stick. If you like the name but aren’t sure of its ability to stand on its own, considered it for a middle name.

Cool Boy Names That Are Actually Hot


100 Cool Boy Names

Ariel is a gender-neutral name despite what Disney’s The Little Mermaid might have led you to believe. This handsome Hebrew name means “lion of God.”


100 Cool Boy Names

Fintan is currently very popular in Ireland today and we think this Irish name could easily be imported and beloved. The name means “white fire” and “white bull.” If you’re fond of Finn but want a little more variety, this name’s for you.

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100 Cool Boy Names

Kiran is a name of Sanskrit origin that means “ray of light.” A number of popular Indian actors have this name and we think it should be a thing here in the US.


100 Cool Boy Names

Once wildly popular for boys in the 1940s, Conley has since declined in favor here. It’s an English form of the Irish name Conleth. Conley means “chaste fire.” We love these cool names for boys that are actually all about the fire.


100 Cool Boy Names

Inigo looks deceptively like Indigo, but it is its own name. Inigo comes from Basque or Medieval Spanish. It’s a variation of Ignatius and thus, means “fiery.”

Cool Boy Names That Start with Z


100 Cool Boy Names

For whatever reason, cool boy names often start with Z. It gives a certain edge as does X. Zion is a Hebrew name meaning “highest point.” It’s been a very popular name for boys in the US ever since Lauryn Hill chose the name for her son in 1997.


100 Cool Boy Names

Zamari also comes from Hebrew, a form of Zamar, which means “to worship God.” The name is also found in Arabic tradition as a name meaning “lay.”


100 Cool Boy Names

Zayn Malik helped propel the cool spelling of Zayn to popularity for baby boys. His name has Arabic origins and means “beauty” and “grace.” We’d say this name has both going for it.


100 Cool Boy Names

Sure, you could go with the standard Hebrew name Ezekiel and that would be totally fine. However, we think the shortened form of this name with the E chopped off is rather nice! Zekiel means “God strengthens.”


100 Cool Boy Names

Once a name with a friendly cowboy image, Zeb is set for a fresh start on a fresh face. This Hebrew name means “gift of Jehovah.”

Cool Names for Boys That Are Stylish Yet Offbeat


100 Cool Boy Names

Not just a Harry Potter name, Albus has Latin origins and means “white” and “bright.” This is an old man name that sounds great for a little boy.


100 Cool Boy Names

As we mentioned, nature names are all the rage. Of the cool boy names on this list, Bear is one that has already begun to take off in a big way. It appeared on the US top 1000 most popular baby names list in 2019 and it’s not going anywhere.


100 Cool Boy Names

Idris is another hot name that’s begun to take off in the US. A Welsh name, meaning “lord,” Idris is also found in Arabic tradition as a name meaning “to study.”


100 Cool Boy Names

Iago is a villainous name thanks to Shakespeare’s Othello which might scare you from this name as many parents have felt tepid, at best, for the appellation. We love the name and think it can work for a baby boy today. Iago comes from Welsh origin and is a form of James, meaning “supplanter.”


100 Cool Boy Names

A stylish name that could have fallen in with the space names, Jupiter proves an excellent option at this very moment. Ashley Tisdale chose the name for her daughter born in early 2021 and we commend her bold decision. Jupiter comes from Latin, meaning “godfather.” For boys, you have the option of using the nickname Jupe which is an enviable one!

Fancy Cool Boys Names with a Touch of Extravagance


100 Cool Boy Names

A twist of a name that combines Oliver and Alexander, Ollivander might look familiar to Harry Potter fans as the name belongs to the character Garrick Ollivander. Oliver means “olive tree” and Alexander “defending men.” Both are Greek in origin.


100 Cool Boy Names

This appellation once belonged to Marcus Aurelius, a Roman Emperor from 161 to 180 AD. Aurelian means “the golden one.” It’s one of the most unique cool names for boys on this list!


100 Cool Boy Names

Considered a particularly aristocratic name in the UK, Peregrine has yet to truly take off with American parents. The meaning of the name derives from the transitory nature of life on earth. Peregrine can mean “traveller” or “pilgrim.” 


100 Cool Boy Names

A name familiar to readers of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Tybalt is a diminutive form of Theobald, which comes from Medieval English and means “of the bold people.” This one’s a literal classic.


100 Cool Boy Names

Does this name sound like a winner to you? It should as this French name truly means “champion.” Campion is also a botanical baby name that refers to a woodland flower.

Hot Spanish Appellations for Cool Boy Names


100 Cool Boy Names

One of the most rhythmic cool boy names on this list, Rodrigo is the Spanish and Portuguese form of Roderick. The name means “famous ruler,” so you know it’s good.


100 Cool Boy Names

A name beloved in the Hispanic community, Cristóbal is simply an alternative Spanish form of a name we associate with Christopher. Thus, it means “bearer of Christ.”


100 Cool Boy Names

If you love the name Emmanuel but find it to be a bit too frilly, the Spanish form of the name Manuel feels like the more streamlined option. The name means “God is with us.”


100 Cool Boy Names

Carmen is the Spanish form of Carmel which has Latin origins. It was once a very popular option for baby boys in the US but it has since fallen from favor. With think it’s very cool and deserves more attention today. Carmen means “vivid red.”


100 Cool Boy Names

From Hebrew origins that bring us Raphael, Rafael is another vehicle for this awesome appellation. Rafael means “God has healed,” and it is the preferred Spanish form of the name.

Cool Boy Names That Start with X for ‘X Factor’


100 Cool Boy Names

Xander comes from Greek as a diminutive form of Alexander. It means “to defend men.” This is one of the most casual forms of Alexander and you can get even freer with the nickname Xan.


100 Cool Boy Names

From Basque and Arabic origins, Xavier is one of the most popular cool boy names today. It means “new house” and “bright.”


100 Cool Boy Names

A Chinese name that can belong to either gender, Xi has the appealing “shee” sound to it. The name is used widely as a surname across Asia and beyond. The meaning of this name depends on the characters used to build and so there is no one concrete meaning. Possible meaning are “why” and “hope.”


100 Cool Boy Names

A name of two influential first kings of Persia, Xerxes means “hero among heroes.” That makes this one of the cool boy names on this list to sound great with an even better meaning behind it.


100 Cool Boy Names

Xen is a Japanese form of Zen and a philosophical concept. Xen meaning “from Buddhism.” Grandma might not go wild for this name but all of his little friends will love it.

Nicknames as Cool Boys Names


100 Cool Boy Names

Ace is a more popular name for boys than ever before in the US. The name comes from Latin and means “one” and “unity.” He’ll fly high with a name like Ace.


100 Cool Boy Names

Art can be considered a diminutive form of Arthur, however, in Ireland it is its own distinct appellation. Art’s Celtic origins mixed with ancient meaning of Arthur offer you many meanings: “a bear,” “noble one,” “champion,” and “warrior” are all possibilities.


100 Cool Boy Names

Bo is a popular name in Denmark today. It comes from Norse origin and means “to live.” However, in Mandarin, Bo means “wave.” We love both!


100 Cool Boy Names

Gus has long been associated with Augustus as a nickname and today many parents are choosing this shortened form as a standalone name. The name has Latin origins and means “one strength.”


100 Cool Boy Names

Ollie was once a favorite given name for baby boys born in the late 19th century. Ollie is simply a diminutive form of Oliver, meaning “olive tree.”

Cool Boy Names That Are Actually Unisex


100 Cool Boy Names

Artemis is a Greek goddess of the moon in mythology, but thanks to Artemis Fowl, parents are attracted to this name for their sons. The name was adopted by both male and female followers associated with the cult of Artemis, thus the name means “gift of Artemis” and “follower of Artemis.”


100 Cool Boy Names

We shared the name Inigo with you earlier on this list of cool boy names and we have another name for you that is extremely similar in Indigo. Indigo is name that originated in Greek as a word for “Indian dye.”


100 Cool Boy Names

Jules is the French form of the Latin name Julius. It’s a top 10 name for boys in France today but it has not been popular in the US since the 1960s. Jules means “youthful.”


100 Cool Boy Names

Addison became a name associated with girls as it was a very popular choice for little ladies who were born in the early aughts. It’s a mystery how a name that means “son of Adam” grew so popular for girls!


100 Cool Boy Names

Another English name that started as a name for boys but has since become popular among girls is Avery. This charmer means “ruler of the elves.” A perfect fairy tale name, if you’re into that sort of thing.

More Gender-Neutral Cool Boy Names


100 Cool Boy Names

We’re going to stick to this theme of gender-neutral names and keep rolling with it for the next five cool boy names. Cameron is a Scottish surname that’s used as a given name. It means “crooked nose.”


100 Cool Boy Names

An English name that’s associated with British currency, Sterling emerged as a unisex option in the late eighties and has been a favorite ever since. The appellation means “the highest quality.”


100 Cool Boy Names

A fresh, natural alternative to Blake, Lake proves an exceedingly versatile and lovable option. This is an emerging name right now and we expect Lake’s favor to only increase in the coming years!


100 Cool Boy Names

A name from the Native American Sioux, Dakota names two states in the northern Mississippi valley. This warm name for boys means “friend.”


100 Cool Boy Names

Another Scottish surname to make the cool boy names list, Knox means “round hill.” We have Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to thank for revitalizing this appellation when they chose it for one of their children.

Cool Boy Names with Even Cooler Meanings


100 Cool Boy Names

Zeke is such a fun form of the Hebrew name Ezekiel. It makes for the perfect alternative to Zack. Zeke means “God strengthens.”


100 Cool Boy Names

Kenzo is a Japanese name and its meaning changes depending on the kanji used to construct the name. A popular meaning is “vitality.” This name has been on the upward climb in the US in a big way since 2018.


100 Cool Boy Names

Bodhi is a Buddhist concept with Sanskrit origin, meaning “enlightenment.” In Buddhism, Bodhi is synonymous with peace and nirvana.


100 Cool Boy Names

An ancient name that still sounds fresh, Felix originated from the Romans. Felix means “good fortune” and you’d be wise to pass that on to your son with this name.


100 Cool Boy Names

Amal is an Arabic name for girls that’s very popular today. For the purposes of this cool boy names list, we will look to the Hebrew form of this name. It’s spelled exactly the same but it’s meant for baby boys. The Hebrew meaning is “laborer” and is associated with a biblical figure who was a member of the tribe of Asher.

Rare French Cool Boy Names


100 Cool Boy Names

Oui oui! Sylvain is a French name from the Latin appellations, Sylvanus. The root of the this name gives us Sylvie and Sylvia. Sylvain means “of the forest.”


100 Cool Boy Names

Marceau is the French form of Marcel, meaning “little warrior.” The origins of this appellation can be traced to the Roman god of war, Mars.


100 Cool Boy Names

A popular French-Breton name in continental Europe, Mael has yet to find favor in much of the English-speaking world. Pronounced MY-el, the appellation means “chief.”


100 Cool Boy Names

Delano has such a fabulous sound, making it one of our favorite cool boy names today. The appellation comes from a French surname that means “of the forest of nut trees.”


100 Cool Boy Names

Pascal is a marvelous name for boys that you will find in English and French in this form. The name is associated with Easter and it means “Passover.” The name has been given to babies born on or around Easter since the Middle Ages.

Freedom Cool Boy Names That Mean ‘Free’


100 Cool Boy Names

From the Igbo language, found predominately in Africa today, Amadi means “free man.” If you have Nigerian roots, this name could be the perfect option for your family.


100 Cool Boy Names

The Spanish and Portuguese form of Francis, Francisco has that extra “co” making it even more attractive. This charmer means “free man” and “Frenchman.” It’s a very popular name in the Americas today!


100 Cool Boy Names

In Iran today, Azad is used as both a family and a given name. This treasure has Persian origins, meaning “noble” and “free.”


100 Cool Boy Names

Carlos is the preferred Spanish form of Charles, a name from German and French origins, meaning “free man” and just “man.” Carlos is one of America’s most beloved names for boys.


100 Cool Boy Names

Kymani comes from Eastern Africa and means “adventurous traveler.” Bob Marley chose this name for his son!

Cool Boy Names Inspired by Style Icons & Fashion


100 Cool Boy Names

Sergio is the Italian and Spanish form of Sergius, a Roman clan name, meaning “to serve.” Sergio sounds energetic yet established, making it one of the most balanced cool boy names on this list. Designer and label, Sergio Hudson has created some of the most memorable looks worn by former First Lady Michelle Obama and current Vice President Kamala Harris. 


100 Cool Boy Names

Halston is an English name that means “hallow stone.” The American fashion designer with this name helped bring it visibility in the days of disco. It’s time for it to dance once more!


100 Cool Boy Names

Boden is one of the fastest-growing names for boys in the US. The name belongs to a clothing brand as well which lends the moniker some style. Boden is a surname found in both English and German traditions meaning “floor” and “bow-shaped hill.”


100 Cool Boy Names

Valentino has Latin origins and means “strength.” The name belongs to one of the most iconic fashion houses in the world today. The name has become more and more popular for boys starting in a big way in 2006. It’s one of the fastest-rising cool boy names today.


100 Cool Boy Names

Salvatore Ferragamo built a reputation for innovative design by using unconventional materials. Salvatore had an excellent name that means “savior” in Italian tradition. This name is on the downward trend and we hope parents will discover its appeal once more!

Cool Boy Names That Mean ‘Handsome’


100 Cool Boy Names

One of the most handsome Arabic names for boys, Jamal means “beauty.” The name is very popular among the Muslim community in the US today but its popularity has dipped slightly.


100 Cool Boy Names

Keane is an Anglicized form of the Irish name Cian. The storied name belonged to several legendary figures. While Keane is a newer iteration, it still retains some of this name’s many meanings: “sharp,” “ancient,” “fighter,” and “tall and handsome.”


100 Cool Boy Names

Eder is not a name you hear too often outside of Europe but we think it could easily be made to feel at home in the US. Eder has Basque origins that mean “handsome.”


100 Cool Boy Names

A shorter, more desirable form of Vladimir, Vadim has traditionally been a popular name for baby boys in Russia. The name means “attractive.” This appellation can also be found as a surname as it is with esteemed French film writer and director, Roger Vadim.


100 Cool Boy Names

\While most people are familiar with the Irish name Aiden, as it is very popular, Aden a different name that sounds exactly like its Irish cousin. Aden has Hebrew origins and is sometimes spelled Adin. It means “handsome” and “pleasing.” Of all the cool boy names on this list, Aden feels like it should be more popular than it is.

Effortlessly Cool Boy Names with Rustic Charm


100 Cool Boy Names

Vance has been a long-neglected name that hasn’t enjoyed broad popularity for new parents since the 1970s. However, today, it’s trending down! New parents, resurrect this magical Irish name that means “someone who lives near the marsh.”


100 Cool Boy Names

Wade has English origins and means “at the river crossing.” While Wade might not jump out at you like some of the other cool boy names on this list, it certainly has staying power. The name has been in the US top 1000 most popular baby names since the 1880s.


100 Cool Boy Names

Levi is a handsome Hebrew name that is more popular today than it ever has been before. The appellation means “he will join.” Ancient yet casual, this appellation hits the sweet spot.


100 Cool Boy Names

York is an English name that means “from the yew estate.” In the UK, you’ll find the city of York which is the capital of Yorkshire. It’s one of the most beautiful regions of England with plenty of rustic, natural charm that we feel the name York also imparts.


100 Cool Boy Names

Cole has a cool and collected sound to it and means “coal black.” Not only popular in the US, Cole is also an exceedingly popular choice in Scotland. Definitely one of the most mysterious of these cool boy names.

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100 Cool Boy Names

Nash entered the cool boy names scene in the 1990s and has only improved its standing among American parents. Nash has English origins and means “from the ash tree.” Part nature from its meaning and rock and roll thanks to Crosby, Stills and Nash, this appellation has a ton going for it!

What did you think of these cool boy names? We hope you found some great options or at least some new avenues of exploration. There is no right or wrong way to pick a name for your son. But, if you want a name that stands out, you have to think outside the box. These names are definitely not going to be every parent’s cup of tea, but you can’t please them all, can you? Be bold, parents!


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