75+ Cool Guy Names from Axel to Ziggy

You’ve just learned you’re expecting a baby boy! Congratulations! Now, it’s time to find that little dude the perfect name. Might we suggest classic cool guy names that sound casual, slightly aloof, and very bold? Cool baby names for boys can be inspired by almost anything but the important factor here is the “it” one. You want to find a name that makes a statement without a lot of effort. If that sounds like a tall order to you, no worries, we’re here to help!

We took a look at some of the trending names on a variety of baby names databases to discover which cool guy names new parents are choosing today. It should come as no surprise that folks are picking some truly awesome appellations for their sons. Let’s take a look at some names on the rise along with some tried-and-true classics that always have embodied coolness!

Consider These Cool Guy Names for Your Little Rock Star!

Cool Guy Names That Start with A

Cool Guy Names
  • Ace – Ace is a more popular name for boys than ever before in the US. The name comes from Latin and means “one” or “unity.” He’ll soar high with a name like Ace.
  • Axel – Another name that’s more popular than ever before, Axel, is of Scandinavian origin and means “father of peace.”
  • Ash – Ash is often used as a short form for Asher or Ashton. The standalone Ash has not ranked in the US top 1000 most popular names for boys yet but expect that to change. The name has seen a 1000% increase in activity on the Nameberry database. Ash means “ash tree.”

Cool Guy Names That Start with B

Cool Guy Names
  • Bryce LeBron James named his son Bryce and we think that qualifies this name as a cool one. Bryce originated as a Scottish surname and it’s used and a gender-neutral option today. It means “freckled.”
  • BowieDavid Bowie and other icons of music can inspire your boy’s name.Bowie, a name with Scottish origins, meaning “blond.”
  • Blaze – Another appellation that’s been heating up is Blaze. This hot name actually comes from a French surname that means “blizzard” or is an alternative spelling of Blaise, meaning “to stammer.”

Cool Guy Names That Start with C

Cool Guy Names
  • Cash – A popular choice among celebrities and hip parents looking for a classic, Americana name with a little edge. Thanks, Johnny! Cash means “currency” but it’s also considered a form of the Latin name Cassius, meaning “hollow.”
  • Cisco – Cisco is a diminutive form of Francisco that means “free man.”
  • Cyrus – Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon in the 5th Century BCE. The name is Persian in origin and means “sun.” This name is very much on the rise today.

Cool Guy Names That Start with D

Cool Guy Names
  • Duke – A name that’s been trending down but we will always find cool is Duke. The name comes from English and means “rank of nobility.”
  • Drake – Another English name worth trying is Drake which means “dragon” or “duck.” For your cool boy, just tell him it means “dragon.”
  • Delano – Delano is a name that has not been popular since the 1970s but we feel that should change. Delano has a wonderfully rhythmic sound that feels bold yet balanced. Delano comes from French and means “from the orchard of nut trees.”

Cool Guy Names That Start with E

Cool Guy Names
  • Enzo – A name that’s made huge gains since the early 2000s is Enzo. Before 2003, the name was virtually unused in the US. Enzo is an Italian form of Henry, meaning “estate ruler.”
  • Eder – Eder is an appellation that’s on many expecting parents radars. The name is of Basque origin and means “handsome.” The name is currently trending on a number of name databases which means we might all be hearing the name Eder in the future.
  • Eric – Originating in Old Norse, Eric has historically been beloved by new parents in the US. Eric sounds crisp and fresh and feels more modern than just Rick. Eric means “forever ruler.”

Cool Guy Names That Start with F

Cool Guy Names
  • Finn – A very popular Irish name, Finn is just effortless and easy. The name means “fair.” It’s been a popular choice in the US since 2000.
  • Felix – An ancient name that still sounds fresh, Felix originated among the Romans. Felix means “good fortune” and you’d be wise to pass that on to your son with this name.
  • Frost – What’s cooler than frost? The name Frost comes from English and means “frozen.” If you’re expecting a winter baby, why not?

Cool Guy Names That Start with G

Cool Guy Names
  • Gus – Gus has long been associated with Augustus as a nickname and today many parents are choosing this shortened form as a standalone name. The name has Latin origins and means “one strength.” 
  • Griffin – The Welsh name Griffin is another form of Griffith which means “strong lord.” The name has been a widely favored choice since the 1980s.
  • Gavin – Gavin is a rock star name that’s been on a steady climb since the 1950s. This name is related to Gawain a name well-used in Arthurian legend.

Cool Guy Names That Start with H

Cool Guy Names
  • Hudson – A very popular baby name today, Hudson has the sort of rugged charm that many parents look for in a name. The name means “Hugh’s son.”
  • Hendrix – A rock-n-roll name that’s climbing up today, Hendrix comes from German and Dutch tradition and means “estate ruler.”
  • Harley – Harley has crossed over from being a name primarily given to boys to one that now goes more often to girls. We love the oldschool biker quality this name posseses. It means “hare clearing.”

Cool Guy Names That Start with I

Cool Guy Names
  • Idris – Idris is another one of the cool guy names that’s on-trend. A Welsh name, meaning “lord,” Idris is also found in Arabic as a name meaning “to study.” 
  • Ivo – A popular choice in the Netherlands today, Ivo is the German form of Yves, meaning “yew wood.”
  • Izan – Izan is a Basque form of Ethan that originated in Hebrew and means “strong.” This name is pronounced EE-zan or EE-than.

Cool Guy Names That Start with J

Cool Guy Names
  • Jax – An American invention, Jax is likely a shortened form of Jaxon or Jackson. Those names mean “son of Jack.” Jax has been a steady choice for new parents since 2010.
  • Jamal – Unfortunately, the name Jamal is not as popular as it once was. This amazing Arabic name for boys means “beauty.”
  • Jace – Jace is a Hebrew diminutive form of Jason, meaning “the Lord is my salvation.” The original Greek name means “to heal” which means both are acceptable meanings. Jace is a top 100 name in the US today.

Cool Guy Names That Start with K

Cool Guy Names
  • Kendrick – The name Kendrick peaked in 2013 but it still remains favored today. This name is the perfect vehicle to get you the prized nickname, Ken. Kendrick comes from Scottish and English, meaning “champion.”
  • Kian – An Irish name, Kian is simply a different spelling for Cian which means “ancient.” These K-names have a kick to them, don’t they?
  • Keanu – A name that’s currently making a splash is Keanu. We have a certain Reeves to thank for the popularity of this name today. Keanu is a Hawaiian name that means “breeze over the mountains.”
  • Kai – One of the fastest names ever to rocket up the popularity charts is another Hawaiian name, Kai. It means “sea.”

Cool Guy Names That Start with L

Cool Guy Names
  • Lazlo – Cool guy names do not necessarily mean they’re popular. We are fond of the Hungarian name Lazlo (also spelled Laszlo) but the name has never appealed to American parents in the way it has to European ones. This dreamy name means “glorious ruler.” 
  • Leander – A name that fell out of style in the 1970s, Leander is ripe for a renaissance today. The name comes from Greek and means “lion-man.”
  • Lex – Another name we want to see dusted off is Lex, a diminutive form of Alexander, meaning “defending men.” If you think Xander has gotten too trendy, go with Lex instead.

Cool Guy Names That Start with M

Cool Guy Names
  • Marceau – Marceau is the French form of Marcel, a name that means “little warrior.” The origins of this appellation can be traced to the Roman god of war, Mars. 
  • Marco – Another name with the Mars root is Marco. It’s simply the Spanish and Italian form of Mark, meaning “warlike.” We find it much more evocative than the classic Mark.
  • Maddox – Maddox is a Welsh name that’s found a home in the US. The name means “Madoc’s son.” Madoc means “fortunate” in Welsh.

Cool Guy Names That Start with N

Cool Guy Names
  • Niko – Niko is the Finnish form of Nikolaos, meaning “people of victory.: This charming and playful name certainly feels fresher than just Nick.
  • Nash – Nash is an English habitational name that means “from the ash tree.” Parents began to seriously use this name for their boys in the late 1990s and today, it’s more popular than ever before.
  • Nasir – A beloved appellation in the Muslim community, Nasir is of Arabic origin and means “helper.” It’s a popular choice around the world!

Cool Guy Names That Start with O

Cool Guy Names
  • Oz – Oz is short for the Hebrew name Ozni. This name means “courageous.” While it is used as a nickname here, it has yet to be discovered as a standalone possibility. In Israel, Oz is a top 100 choice for boys.
  • Odin – One of the trendiest mythological names for boys today, Odin comes from Old Norse and means “frenzied.” The name belongs to a supreme Norse god.
  • Otto – Otto was once one of the most popular names in the US. The World Wars changed that for this German name. However, Otto is on the rise once more! It means “wealthy.”

Cool Guy Names That Start with P

Cool Guy Names
  • Pablo – Beloved Spanish name Pablo is a form of Paul, meaning “small.” Pablo proves a versatile and agreeable name.
  • Pierce – Pierce is a mildly popular choice today. The name is of English origin and means “son of Piers.”
  • Pace – Pace is a surname and word name from Latin by way of English. This charmer means “peaceful.”

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Cool Guy Names That Start with Q

Cool Guy Names
  • Qasim – A name belonging to the son of the Prophet Mohammed, Qasim should be more popular in the US than it is today! The name comes from Arabic and means “charitable.”
  • Quade – Quade comes from Latin or Irish and means “son of Uad.” Quade is likely known to most but not a widely chosen option. Let’s change that, parents!
  • Quest – One of the cool guy names that’s starting to het up is Quest. It’s a word name that feels full of adventure. The name means “seek” or “mission.”

Cool Guy Names That Start with R

Cool Guy Names
  • Rex -In popularity, Rex has seen its share of highs and lows through the years. It’s currently on the upward swing once more. In Latin, Rex means “king.”
  • Rafael – From Hebrew origins that bring us, Raphael, Rafael is another vehicle for this awesome appellation. Rafael means “God has healed,” and it is the preferred Spanish form of the name. 
  • Rodrigo – One of the most rhythmic cool guy names on this list, Rodrigo is the Spanish and Portuguese form of Roderick. The name means “famous ruler,” so you know it’s good. 

Cool Guy Names That Start with S

Cool Guy Names
  • Selasi – A name with Ghanian roots, Selasi is a gorgeous name for boys that means “the hearer of God.” This name is not popular in the US today, but it’s such a fun name we expect that to change in the coming years!
  • Sergio – Sergio is a Spanish and Italian form of Sergius, a Roman clan name that means “guardian.” Sergio is a very popular choice today in the US and Spain.
  • Sage – A name from Latin, meaning “wise and knowing,” Sage could be a wise old man or a name for a happy little boy today. It’s also a perfect botanical name for a boy.

Cool Guy Names That Start with T

Cool Guy Names
  • Timo – A form of the name Timothy, Timo is a popular option in Germany and northern Europe. The name means “honoring God.” We hope this name finds its way to our shores very soon!
  • Tristan – A romantic Celtic option, Tristan means “noise” or “sorrowful.” Despite the sad story of Tristan and Isolde, parents have no qualms about using this appellation in the US.
  • Teo – A name that’s very popular in Europe but not so much in the US, Teo is a Spanish diminutive form of Teodoro, meaning “gift of God.”

Cool Guy Names That Start with U

Cool Guy Names
  • Urban – A storied name from Latin that was once popular in the US, Urban might be the offbeat option you’re looking for. The last year it was popular in the US was 1930! Urban indeed means “of the city.”
  • Uriel – Uriel is a Hebrew name that’s on the rise. It means “God is my light.”
  • Ulric – The English form of the German name Ulrich proves an interesting find. The name means “rich heritage” or “wolf.” Unfortunately, the name has never been popular in the US.

Cool Guy Names That Start with V

Cool Guy Names
  • Vince – A name that sort of fizzled out after the 1970s, Vince would serve your baby boy well. The name comes from Latin and means “conqueror.”
  • Vito – Once a most popular choice for Italian-American boys, Vito has been underused in recent years. The name means “life” and it does sound full of it.
  • Valentino – Once thought of as too dashing and romantic a name for a baby boy, Valentino is on the rise today. The name comes from Latin and means “health.”

Cool Guy Names That Start with W

Cool Guy Names
  • Wren – Wren is currently popular across the UK for both boys and girls. In the US, the name has been favored for girls and has been slower to take off. We love this nature name that means “small bird.”
  • Wilder – One of the great new cool guy names to take off in recent years is Wilder. The name comes from an Old English surname that means “untamed.” Wilder is one of the fastest-growing names in the US.
  • Wyatt – A cool cowboy name, Wyatt has been popular with new parents for several years now. In fact, it’s the 29th most picked baby name for boys. Wyatt is an English surname that means “brave in war.”

Cool Guy Names That Start with X or Y

Cool Guy Names
  • Xavi – Xavi is a common nickname for Xavier but it has landed as a standalone choice in the US top 1000 for a few years. Xavier is a Basque name that means “bright house.”
  • Xeno – Xeno comes from Greek and means “foreign voice.” While this name has never been popular in the US, it’s easy to see why parents are considering it!
  • Yukio– A popular Japanese name for boys, Yukio means “snow boy” or “snow.”

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Cool Guy Names That Start with Z

Cool Guy Names
  • Zion – For whatever reason, cool guy names often start with Z. It gives a certain edge as does the letter X. Zion is a Hebrew appellation meaning “highest point.” It’s been a very popular name for boys in the US ever since Lauryn Hill chose the name for her son in 1997.
  • Zamari – Zamari also comes from Hebrew, a form of Zamar, which means “to worship God.” The name is also found in Arabic tradition as a name meaning “lay.” 
  • Zeb – Once a moniker with a jovial cowboy image, Zeb is set for a fresh start on a fresh babyface. This Hebrew name means “gift of Jehovah.” 

There you go! We hope you enjoyed these cool guy names and will consider one for your little heartbreaker. Cool names can come from many different languages, traditions, and inspirations. The notion of “coolness” is subjective so go with your gut if you think it sounds fresh and fun! Congratulations on your little boy! We wish you the best of luck as you search for the perfect baby name!

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