Couple Burying Their Newborn Finds Another Baby Buried Alive in Same Grave

A family attempting to bury their newborn baby who passed away got a horrifying surprise when they discovered a baby buried alive in the same plot. According to The Washington Post, the couple was at a cemetery in a remote area of northern India to bury their daughter, who died moments after birth.

While digging a grave for their baby, the parents reportedly hit something hard. The couple dug deeper and discovered a clay pot in the earth where they had planned to bury their newborn. However, they could have never guessed what they would find inside the clay pot.

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After pulling the pot from the ground, the couple could hear crying. They removed the lid and inside the pot discovered a newborn baby who, while emaciated, was still alive. The baby girl was no more than two to three days old, reports The Washington Post.

According to the Times of India, the clay pot was buried roughly two-feet down. The grieving father explained how he felt when the other infant began to cry.

Hitesh Kumar told Times of India, “At one point I thought that my daughter had come alive. But the voice was actually coming from the pot. When the pot was opened, a baby girl was kept inside. I immediately called ambulance and informed police to ensure that her life was saved.”

Police in the state of Uttar Pradesh were quickly called to the scene and transported the baby girl to a local hospital, where she was placed on a ventilator. She was discovered to have respiratory problems, an infection, and was underweight.

Newborn buried alive
KD Singh

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During a press conference, police superintendent Abhinandan Singh said, “We are looking for her parents, and it is possible that they are involved in it. Such an act is difficult without their involvement. We have deployed police teams, even in civil dress, to trace the suspects.” He later promised that “strict action” will be taken against the culprits.

However, they currently have no witnesses Singh told The Washington Post. He also said the cemetery is not monitored by any cameras. If the suspect or suspects are found, they will face charges of attempted murder and the abandonment of a child.

Newborn buried alive
Washington Post

Since the infant was discovered, no one has come forward to claim her. The infant may have been abandoned due to the country’s “sex-selection methods.”

India has one of the “most unequal sex ratios in the world,” CNN reports, with only 918 females for every 1,000 males between the ages of zero to six. The average worldwide is 952 females per 1,000 males.

Doctors say the child remains in critical condition.

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