Court Record Show Police Were Called to the Home Where Autumn Hallow Died 30 Times Before Her Death Tragic Death

Court Record Show Police Were Called to the Home Where Autumn Hallow Died 30 Times Before Her Death Tragic Death

New information regarding the tragic passing of 8-year-old Autumn Hallow is being made public. As Mamas Uncut previously reported, 30-year-old Brett Hallow and 28-year-old Sarah Hallow have both been arrested in connection to Autumn’s horrific passing.

The young girl passed away after reportedly being physically abused by Sarah and Brett. Investigators believe that the abuse often took place inside their apartment and usually resulted in tying the 8-year-old up as a punishment for misbehaving. Investigators also alleged that the couple would keep food from Autumn.


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Brett and Sarah now both face single counts of second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter. They are currently being held without bond.

Now, People is reporting that police were reportedly called to Brett and Sarah’s home 30 different times before Autumn’s passing. It was the 31st call, a call made by Brett, that would be the final call.

In police records obtained by People, the first call occurred in February of 2019, and the most recent happened on May 23. It was also revealed that the police responded to 13 calls about the noise coming from the residence and conducted a total of five “welfare checks” at the Hallow’s apartment.

Couple Arrested Police Found Abused 8-Year-Old Unresponsive
Sherburne County Jail

Court Record Show Police to Autumn Hallow’s Home 30 Times

As People reports, the first call was placed on February 12, 2019. The call was from an individual who heard what “sounded to be yelling at [a] child.” When police arrived, Sarah and Brett alleged that one of their children was sick “which led to the screaming and the male parent was playing an online video game and had animated reactions to the game.” Police noted that the “children in the apartment appeared to be fine and were playing while officers were on the scene.”

The other recorded phone calls which ended with police response began with complaints of loud noises and authorities concluded that the children seemed fine.

At the time of Autumn’s death, the 8-year-old weighed just 45 pounds. There were also abrasions found on her body, her fingers were blue, and “pin-like” marks were discovered on her forehead.

Couple Arrested Police Found Abused 8-Year-Old Unresponsive
Sherburne County Jail

According to documents, Autumn had puncture wounds on her head, abdominal, she showed signs of a brain bleed, and her hips and hands were bruised. The autopsy also revealed signs that Autumn was asphyxiated, according to the Star Tribune. However, Brett and Sarah claim that they found Autumn was face-down in a bathtub before calling 911.

The police records obtained also revealed that Autumn’s biological mom, Kelsey Kruse, had a protective order against Sarah Hallow. And several calls over the last nearly two years involved custody disputes between them.

Along with screenshots of their respective mugshots, Kruse took to Facebook following her daughter’s death and Brett and Sarah’s subsequent arrest to speak her mind. “I hate you. I hate you both. You have been ruining my life for YEARS and now you have given me and my family a permanent scar,” Kruse wrote.


“You took something we will never get back. You neglected and abused my son and when that wasn’t enough you moved down the line of children you have. I will make sure that Autumn is remembered in the most beautiful way possible because she deserves nothing less. I wanted to give her the world and I will find a way to make sure I still do. I hope your other children know what you did and I hope they grow up knowing that their sister saved them.”

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While it remains unclear if the other children being cared for by Brett and Sarah suffered similar abuse and punishments, police say that the 10-year-old and 6-year-old who also lived inside the home told them some of the punishments Autumn was subjected to. Brett and Sarah’s next court date has not yet been scheduled.

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