6 Safe and Creative Activities You Can Do With the Kids Outdoors This Summer

With camp closures and canceled travel plans, the idea of keeping kids entertained as the long summer days stretch on can seem downright daunting. We feel you, so our team has created a list of creative activities that will not only pass the time but also create tons of special memories for the entire family. 

So pause the Netflix and encourage your kiddos of all ages to use their imaginations to make this summer one that they won’t soon forget. Here are our top ideas for creative things to do with kids this summer.

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6 Safe and Creative Activities You Can Do With the Kids Outdoors This Summer

Backyard Glamping

You don’t need to travel great distances to enjoy nature. Pitch a tent in your own backyard! Encourage the kids to get creative with bedding, twinkle lights, and campfire snacks. Bond as a family by telling fun stories and star-gazing until the late hours.

Plant a Butterfly Garden

Create a beautiful environment that will attract butterflies all season long, while also teaching little ones about the fascinating lifecycle of a butterfly. Select flowering plants that grow well in your area and attract butterflies. Bonus points for raising and releasing your own butterflies!

Tie-Dye Extravaganza

Turn those boring shirts, sheets, and blankets into. rainbow masterpieces. Introduce your kids to the magic of tie-dye by grabbing fabrics that you have around the house, rubber-bands, and fabric dye. Get creative with different patterns and color combos.

Customized Popsicles

Beat the heat by making your very own cool treats. Experiment by mixing different juices, yogurts, and pieces of whole fruit. You can use cups and popsicle sticks that you have on-hand, or a popsicle mold.

Create a Time Capsule

Capture the moment by asking each family member to contribute special items to the capsule. Write a letter together that gives a snapshot of current day life and combine all of your items in a sealed box. Select a spot that you’ll easily remember and bury the box. It’s up to you how long you wait to uncover the memories!

Feed the Birds

Create a bird haven right outside your window with DIY bird feeders. Get creative with what you have around the house, including pinecones, peanut butter, string, and birdseed.

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