Father of the Man Who Opened Fire in Highland Park Says He Doesn’t Regret Sponsoring Gun His Son Bought

While being interviewed by Illinois State Police, Bob Crimo revealed his role in his son being able to obtain the firearm he allegedly used in the July 4th mass shooting. New reports reveal that Bob Crimo, father of Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo III, filled out the consent form when Bobby went to purchase the weapon.

“I filled out the consent form to allow my son to go through the process that the Illinois State Police have in place for an individual to obtain a FOID card,” Bob further explained in an interview with ABC News. “They do background checks. Whatever that entails, I’m not exactly sure. And either you’re approved or denied, and he was approved.”

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Bob was named as the sponsor on Bobby’s Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card. The FOID card was reportedly issued in 2019, months after Bobby threatened to “kill everyone” in his home.

As ABC News reports, at the time of that threat, Highland Park police confiscated 16 knives, a dagger, and a sword from Bobby’s possession. Crimo admitted he is “just shocked” by his son’s actions, adding that he remembered his son was in a “great mood” just before the shooting occurred. 

“I had no — not an inkling, warning — that this was going to happen,” Bob continued. Nonetheless, when asked if he regretted helping his son purchase a firearm he said he didn’t.

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Bob Crimo Doesn’t Regret Sponsoring Son’s Gun Purchase

“Do I regret that? No, not three years ago — signing a consent form to go through the process … that’s all it was,” Crimo said, telling ABC that he is also not worried about potential legal consequences. 

“Had I purchased guns throughout the years and given them to him in my name, that’s a different story. But he went through that whole process himself.” As Bob explained, all of the guns he helped his son buy were with Bobby’s money and registered in his name.

Bob further admitted he has no idea as to why his son would do what he did. “That’s what I’d like to ask him when I see him. Whatever was going on in his head at the time … to go kill and hurt innocent people is just senseless.”

Bob said that his “heart goes out to all of the families that were affected,” adding that he even knew some of the people who were injured by his son “personally.” “I think about them all the time,” he said of the seven people and dozens injured.

Bob said his son’s actions don’t match the way he was raised. “I kept hearing all this stuff about … horrible parenting. He wasn’t raised that way. He has good morals,” Bob added.

“This isn’t Bobby,” he continued. “I guess that’s why it’s so hard to wrap yourself around it. It doesn’t add up.”

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