12 Cute Reptiles to Follow on Instagram

What’s better than scrolling through images of adorable creatures? Sure, puppies are great, but have you ever stopped to admire the sweet smirk of a bearded dragon?

From chameleons to turtles, we are huge fans of the cutest reptiles that are currently taking over our social media feeds. If you’re not the cuddly kitten type, check out these scaly beauties that you should consider following on Instagram.

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12 Adorable Reptiles to Follow on Instagram Now

Dragon Named Yoshi

This sweet little bearded dragon apparently loves to hold hands while going for a ride in the car. Consider looking up this gorgeous 1-year-old dragon if you want to see more of his day-to-day antics.

Party Snakes

When Shakira the ball python turned two, she was given the party that she deserves. Shakira’s owner has a total of six snakes that she adores and shares with the world via Instagram.

Color Correction

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Rango still is shedding but just another cycle. He’s always growing ????⁣ •⁣ I just ordered more rat food and bought a bunch of dried mealworms, beetles, and larvae. I also mix in some rolled oats both of which are super yummy and healthy for them. ⁣ I’m also going to purchase my 2000 supers pretty soon. That’ll be super helpful also and I’ll start breeding them again!!!⁣ •⁣ I fed the snakes last night and Peppa ate AGAIN. I’m gonna feed her another link today and then continue to feed her every three days for two weeks and then I’ll move her to every 5 days for a month and then every 7 days afterwards. I think that will help her grow a lot and get back to her regularly feeding! ⁣ •⁣ I almost have all of the money for darts tank compiled up which I’m so excited about! I can’t believe it’s gonna be done soon. Honestly is hard to believe to me ???? ⁣ •⁣ QOTD ⁣ What’s something you’re really wanting/wishing for right now? ⁣ •••⁣ •••⁣ #reptilekeeper #reptile #reptilesofinstagram #exoticpets #exoticpetkeeper #petsofinstagram #petcheck #reptilelover #reptilemom #herpetology #herpsofinstagram ⁣ #girlswithreptiles #womenwithreptiles #chameleon #veiledchameleon #chameleons #chameleonsofinstagram #reptilelover #chameleonsofig #animal #animals #reptile #reptiles

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Chameleons are especially fascinating creatures since many have the ability to change the color of their skin in order to maintain a favorable body temperature. Rango the chameleon is always growing, shedding, and changing on his owner Lex’s Instagram feed.

Cover Model Archie

Archie the bearded dragon is always up to something. From magazine cover shoots to being the life of the party, Archie knows exactly how to strike the perfect pose.

Little Speedy

Little Speedy is only three months old, so if tortoises are your thing, you can enjoy watching him grow up and reach new milestones.

Chameleon Charm

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Happy #WorldLizardDay ????

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We cannot get over the vibrant colors on this 2-year-old ambilobe panther chameleon. While Neptune has a pampered life that is well-documented, his particular species originates from the tropical forests of Madagascar.

Tortoise Time

Spud the tortoise is always, slowly, on the move and you can be along for the ride if you give him a follow.

Wigging Out

We’re not sure how Spike the bearded dragon felt about this new style, but there is no denying he’s quite adorable.

Coffee Talk

Weasley the bearded dragon is looking to spread joy, one photo at a time. You can see him meeting new friends or dressing up in his latest costume each day on Instagram.

Mushy Marshmallow

Marshmallow the snake lives in a beautiful pink environment and is one of the most photogenic creatures we’ve ever seen.

Mushu’s Smile

Mushu lives with two other crested geckos, Loki and Tigerlily, and enjoy snuggling up and giving warm smiles.

Gecko Glam

Arlow the gecko is dazzling us at every turn with his gorgeous spots. You can get an inside scoop into his daily life, thanks to his very own blog.

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