Dad Makes Point About Using Women’s Restrooms With Daughters In Public

While changing stations are becoming a staple in women’s public restrooms, dads are often struggling to find creative solutions. So, this leaves many men in a bind. Do they get creative or use the women’s room to change their child?

Chronicles of Daddy blogger Muhammed Nitoto has no shame in booking it to the ladies’ restroom when out with his daughters. In fact, he took to Instagram to share a picture of himself facing a common daddy struggle.

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Dad Blogger Shares Why He Uses Women’s Restrooms With His Daughters

“As a dad being out with daughters I never thought the bathroom would become as big as a issue as it is,” wrote Muhammed.

“Usually we would go places and they have FAMILY bathroom which are meant for people with children but what I found was most places don’t have them and Dads are left to decide between taking their daughters to the men’s bathroom or the women’s,” he added.

“They are too young to go on their own so I have to go in with them. I try to be as respectful to women as I can while doing so which consists of knocking on the door before entering and announcing myself. Making sure if someone is inside that they know I am a Dad coming in with his daughter and making sure they are comfortable with that.”

Turns out, the dad-of two is not impressed with the state of men’s restrooms in general. “Now I’ve been to a men’s bathroom millions of times but walking in with your daughter makes you look at it completely different,” he explained. “Men’s bathrooms are DISGUSTING.”

Tell us dads, what would you do? Would you book it to the women’s restroom without shame?

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