Dad in Self-Quarantine Mourning the Tragic Deaths of His 3 Children Asks for Letters As His Wife Remains in Jail Awaiting Trial

A dad, who still morning the deaths of his three children, is in isolation as a result of COVID-19. Nonetheless, despite all that has happened to him over the last four months, the father is still honoring his children’s memories.

According to CafeMom, Andrew McGinley‘s three children were found deceased in his home in January 2020. His wife and the children’s mother, Deirdre Morley, was later arrested in connection to the children’s alleged murders.

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Now, McGinley is taking to YouTube during this time of self-isolation as he continued grieving and mourning the loss of his three kids. As the father explained, the YouTube channel and video were created so that he could keep a promise he made to his 9-year-old Conor.

“Conor, Darragh, and Carla McGinley died tragically on January 24th, 2020,” McGinley wrote. “This channel is a compilation of clips to celebrate their lives. Christmas 2019 was when Conor announced that he wanted to set up a YouTube channel and I promised to help him to do that. I hope this channel has kept my promise.”

Dad in Quarantine Mourning the Tragic Deaths of His 3 Children Asks for Letters

As the Independent reports, McGinley found his children when he got him from work on January 24. Morley was a registered nurse, who was on leave when she reportedly took the lives of her children. She was discovered on a nearby road shortly after their children were found by a concerned taxi driver who took her back home where she collapsed.

In his initial statement, McGinley wrote, “There are no words. There is only devastation, grief and anguish. Every breath is a struggle. Conor, Darragh, and Carla are adored. They all had beautiful, bright futures ahead of them with family, friends and a community who love them.”

“To all parents, cuddle your children whenever you get a chance. Tell them how much you love them as often as you can, spend every spare minute with them reading, playing and enjoying their wonderfulness. The future has now become our enemy but we will battle it every day to keep the memory of Conor, Darragh, and Carla alive.”

As Morley remains in jail, McGinley has been home alone attempting to cope with this horrific loss. As a result, he took to Twitter recently, to reach out for help and human interaction.

“I’m looking for a favour,” McGinley wrote. “I’m struggling with isolation like you all but really missing the company. I was also enjoying most of the letters that I received so I have a request. Can you write to me? If you feel like using one of your An Post postcards then great. Letters welcome.”

The father then shared his address, while added that those who do send him letters “may never know how much this will help me.” Soon after reaching out to the thousands who follow him on social media, McGinley not only received letters and comments, but people even started leaving treats and notes directly on his doorstep.

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This is just the story we need right now to restore our faith in humanity and all the good we can do if we lead with our hearts.

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