Dear Dads, Please Explain Why You Do This Every Time You Go To Eat A Snack

Dads are curious creatures. Especially when they go to eat a snack.

And according to a series of TikToks, there are a plethora of dads out there who do eat snacks in a weird way on the reg.


And that’s on cashews ???????????? ##dad ##neverfitin ##natureathome

♬ The Home Depot Beat – The Home Depot

So what is it exactly that is so bizarre-?

It’s the handshaking of the snacks … please tell me you have seen it before?

You can’t unsee it once you do…


accurate representation of the white dad eating nuts ##fyp ##whitedads ##foryou

♬ original sound – npastaa

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And while I truly believed this was something only my dad did, I was sorely mistaken.

And why is it always almonds or trail mix?



why do all white dads eat almonds like this

♬ original sound – madisonpgray9

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And as you can tell by now, children (adult children) across the country are coming together to post about this all too common occurrence.

And may I just say, dads, it is a bit endearing.

Even when you eyeball your hand like a hawk.


This is Daddy 101 ##fyp ##foryou

♬ human – Christina Perri

Is this your dad? Because it is definitely mine.

Comment below if any of this seems too familiar.

Dads: can’t live with em, can’t snack without em’.

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