Dakota Johnson and Boyfriend Chris Martin Share Hysterical Handwashing Video

Actor Dakota Johnson and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin were nominated by director Olivia Wilde to make a video about handwashing and its importance. Instead, the couple created comedy gold.

Celebrities are trying to spread the word about good handwashing techniques and best practices. Mariah Carey, Selena Gomez, Jimmy Fallon, and more have all shared videos encouraging people to wash their hands more frequently and for a duration of 20 seconds or more. According to the World Health Organization, clean hands and good hygiene help stop the spread of infection.

Olivia Wilde nominated Johnson and Martin to create and share a handwashing video.

Olivia Wilde, who once played a doctor on Fox’s House, was nominated by Selena Gomez to take part in the #SafeHands challenge. The challenge was an initiative started by Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus the Director-General of WHO.

Wilde shared a video of herself washing her hands. She says “I played a doctor on TV and we had real doctors teach us how surgeons wash their hands and ever since then, I’ve been a really aggressive hand washer. And, they always talked about how people forget their thumbs!”

After receiving the challenge from Olivia Wilde, Dakota Johnson took matters into her ‘own hands’ and shared her own video.

Johnson, who isn’t very active on social media, sent Wilde the video to post on her behalf. Wilde shared the video with the caption, “Dakota Johnson: Hand wash CHAMPION.”

In the video, the first thing you’ll notice is that Johnson’s hands don’t quite fit her body. She stands in front of a kitchen sink and says, “Olivia! Hey! It’s Dakota, thank you so much for asking me to tell you how I wash my hands because I’ve been waiting my whole life for someone to ask me to do that.”

Writers at People point out that the hands belong not to Johnson, but instead to her boyfriend Chris Martin. The visible tattoos on the wildly gesturing hands and wrists were a giveaway. Martin has the letters “M” and “A” tattooed for his two children Moses and Apple whom he shares with ex Gwyneth Paltrow.

Chris Martin’s clumsy hands get down to business while Dakota Johnson narrates.

The action begins when Johnson says, “First I’m going to turn on the tap,” followed by water splashing all over the actor.

“I hose it down,” she through her laughter. “I really like to hose my hands down with the spray because the water gets the dust off.”

Do your hands ever get “dusty?” Don’t know that we’ve ever heard dirty hands referred to in this way…

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The video gets even weirder and funnier as Chris Martin starts to scrub.

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin Share Funny Handwashing Video

Martin’s hands reach for a bottle of soap as Johnson explains, “And then I get some soap and I use a couple of pumps.”

Martin’s soap-slick hands accidentally drop the soap dispenser in the sink causing Johnson to ad-lib, “And I don’t care about it, I just drop it because I’m into washing my hands.”

“I like to scrub them really, really fast, but I’m going to lower them because sometimes I hit myself in the face,” as Martin’s hands scrub perilously close to Johnson’s face.

Martin obliges, lowering his wet, soapy hands to a strand of Johnson’s hair causing the actor to say, “Oh, and I like to wash my hair if it’s dirty because sometimes my dirty hair gets in the way.”

The funny handwashing video trend started making the rounds after Arianna Huffington challenged Selena Gomez.

Entrepreneur Arianna Huffington started the trend with celebs and the #SafeHands challenge has been making the rounds. Everyone, celebrities included are doing their part to keep hands clean and stop the spread of infection.

Mariah Carey got her twins Moroccan and Monroe to help her make a handwashing video.

Mariah Carey shared a video of herself and two children washing their hands together. In the video, the mom and her two twins sing a remix of “Fantasy” to help pass the time as they scrub.

Jimmy Fallon and his daughters also shared a video.

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Jimmy Fallon and his daughters Frances and Winnie made a video accompanied by an original song created by Fallon called “Wash Your Hands Song.” The cute and funny video also reminds people to not touch their faces.

All of these videos are a great public service from celebs. We must admit, Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin’s video takes the cake. If you need something to make you laugh or just feel better about how many times a day you’re washing your hands now, grab some moisturizer and lotion up your dry hands while you watch this ridiculously fun video.

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