Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Wife Speaks Out About the Effect the Plane Crash They Survived Had on Their Daughter

Back in 2019, retired NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr., his wife Amy Earnhardt, and their now 3-year-old daughter Isla survived a scary plane crash. At the time, Isla was just 15 months old when she endured that life-altering event, and even now, after years have passed, she is still, sadly, dealing with the mental effects of that day.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Wife Speaks Out About the Effect the Plane Crash They Survived Had on Their Daughter

In an interview with People, Amy Earnhardt admitted that Isla still has a difficult time with flying.  “I think she had some residual effects,” Amy told People.

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While Amy admits it even took her some time to feel comfortable enough to even step onto a plane again, Isla is still working through some of those fears. “For a while, she would tremble and shake,” Amy explained. “It was before she was talking, so we really couldn’t talk through it with her. That was hard.”

Now, Isla is gradually showing some improvement. Amy says, while her daughter is still nervous on airplanes, it’s more so now just during take-off and they can normally calm her fears by holding her hand.

As At The Buzzer reported, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has recently opened up about the head trauma he sustained throughout his career and how the 20 to 25 concussions he’s suffered have affected him. Now 47 years old, Earnhardt is thankful for his medical team as he has “no lasting effects” from the many concussions.

However, he admits that he’s not sure that would have been the case if it wasn’t for the medical professionals who have helped him. Earnhardt noted that the book he and his team wrote was an attempt to “lead other people to reach out to Micky and get the right help that they need to be able to improve their quality of life.”

And that’s exactly what it did. “Something I guess I never expected to happen in my life is to be able to help a lot of people like that, so that’s been a great experience.”

Now, Dale and Amy are focused on their newest business endeavor, a vodka brand called High Rock Vodka, and also their two girls. Shortly after their plane crash, Dale and Amy welcomed a second baby girl into the world, Nicole. 

At first, Amy says Isla wasn’t a fan of being a big sister, but now that Nicole can talk and play with her, Isla is warming up to the idea of having a built-in best friend. 

“At first she really just ignored the whole thing. She didn’t pay attention to me being pregnant and didn’t want to answer questions about being a big sister. […] I think since Nicole is old enough to talk to her and chase her around the house, she’s having a lot more fun with it.”

And Dale hopes to one day pass on their vodka brand to their girls. “Now that me and Amy are growing our family, you certainly are thinking about your kids and that generation and beyond, and what you can pass on to them,” he told People. “So I’ve been looking at opportunities to become owners of the brands we work with and the companies we work with, take ownership in some of the projects.”

All in all, both Dale and Amy are “pretty proud” of what they have created so far.

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