My Husband and I Disagree About How Many Toys We Should Buy Our Kid: Advice?

A mom writes in asking for advice about buying toys for her daughter. She says that she and her husband disagree about whether they should buy more toys for their 5-year-old. Her husband wants to buy more toys for her, while this mom worries buying more would only spoil her. She says her daughter has a doll, a dollhouse, and a ring toss game for outside. Should they buy more?

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A member of the community asks:

“Should we buy our kid more toys?

So my husband thinks that we should get our kid more toys and I think that would be spoiling her. She’s five years old, and she has a dollhouse, a baby doll, and a ring toss game for outside. That’s all the toys that she has because I don’t want to spoil her, but he thinks we should probably try to get her something else to put with it What are your opinions? She’s five years old.”

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Community Advice for This Mom Who Is Unsure if She Should Buy Her Daughter More Toys

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Fan QuestionShould we buy our kids more toys? So my husband thinks that we should get our kids more toys and I think…

Posted by Mamas Uncut on Saturday, June 27, 2020

Advice Summary

My Husband and I Disagree About How Many Toys We Should Buy Our Kid: Advice?

The community offered this mom in need a lot of great advice. Read some of their responses below.

“Ummmm….I’m not gonna be rude. Just go get that baby some toys!!! Not only do they help teach many many basic skills, but she’s a kid. And kids need toys! You don’t have to go overboard, but a shelf of books, a good lil toy box, and a shelf or two for her favorites and special things. Then she needs an art/creative area and she could also use this for her homework. Don’t forget, she only has one childhood…and it’s up to you to ensure it’s one she doesn’t resent.”

“You’re closer to depriving her than you are to spoiling her. 3 toys for a 5-year-old who has no attention span? This is just mean.”

“Are you kidding? This is a joke right? Puzzles, coloring books, some kind of building blocks, things to stimulate her mind and creativity, or educational things would be good. A bike? A scooter?… geez, I really feel bad for the kid.”

“I think you have just told every other parent that their kids are spoiled. My girl is only 1 and she has a ton of toys. If kids don’t play, they don’t learn. Playing is how they develop their fine motor skills and well as social skills like sharing and responsibility like packing away. Not only that but it also gives you a chance to play and bond with them. Three is not enough. A ball or drawing stuff, please also lots of books. I understand things are tough but even borrowing books from the library and also second-hand toys. That way it’s affordable and they still get to be a kid!!!”

“Get her toys. Kids learn through play. If you’re worried about spoiling her, then to make yourself feel better get her some fun educational toys.”

“For the love of god, get that kid some toys. What on earth does she do all day? Hopefully it’s not watching TV all day. Spoiled kids are a result of parenting. Your kid can have a lot of toys and still be respectful also you can use toys as a disciplinary measure. I mean you can take them away until they stop their bad behavior.”

“Literally 3 toys? I’d be more concerned about depriving her at this point rather than spoiling her. Kids need certain things. Toys are how they learn. Crayons and coloring books teach them how to hold a pencil, a skill needed for life. Legos are great for fine motor skills! A bike teaches them to control their bodies, and how to balance. And the sense of pride when they master how to ride. Also the life skill to get back up when they get knocked down…

… Puzzles engage the mind and encourage creative problem-solving. Books are a world they can get lost in, and they need to learn to read to do anything with their lives. Bouncing a ball improves hand-eye coordination.”

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