The Reason Dax Shepard Instructed His Daughters Not to Tell People Kristen Bell Voiced Anna in ‘Frozen’

Dax Shepard is father to two daughters Lincoln, 7, and Delta, 6, whom he shares with accomplished actor Kristen Bell. On the latest episode of his roundly beloved podcast Armchair Expert, the 46-year-old spoke with another famous dad, Justin Timberlake, about the difficulties of being famous and raising a family.

The Ranch actor opened up about how he and Bell do their best to keep their daughters grounded even though they are very much in the public eye. He even admitted that he worries that their careers will negatively impact his kids’ lives.

Dax Shepard revealed that he once told his two daughters not tell their friends that their mom voiced Anna in Disney’s ‘Frozen.’

The Reason Dax Shepard Told Daughters Not to Tell People Kristen Bell Voiced Anna in 'Frozen'

Shepard recounted to Timberlake a situation in which his family’s community was putting on a theatrical performance inspired by Frozen, the smash-hit Disney film starring Bell. He disclosed that he felt the need to urge his daughters to not tell their friends or other neighbors that their mom was the voice of the animated character, Anna.

“I had to tell my daughters, I’m like, you cannot tell anyone in this thing that your mom is Princess Anna,” Shepard explained to Timberlake. “And I know you’re proud, and you should be able to say that, but I’m just warning you that will probably make other kids jealous and they won’t know how to handle that feeling.”

The Reason Dax Shepard Told Daughters Not to Tell People Kristen Bell Voiced Anna in 'Frozen'

Bell who starred in both installments of the popular Frozen movies and many other projects is one of Hollywood’s brightest starts right now and Shepard admits that he worries about the impact his and his wife’s fame will have on his kids’ ability to make friends.

“I have a great fear that kids are gonna hang out with them solely because of that, or resent them because of that,” he revealed. “To me, the two options both seem terrible. Either they’re gonna have fake friends or they’re gonna have people hate them for no reason.”

The comments seemed to resonate with the Grammy-winning singer and actor in his own right who is also married to a very famous person, Jessica Biel. He recounted an instance of his 5-year-old coming face to face with his father’s fame.

“We have the same thing where the kids at school with my 5-year-old are like, ‘Your dad is Branch from Trolls,’ ” Timberlake said. “I guess for guys like us, the hope is that we just keep instilling in them that we’ve got really fun jobs but it’s not who we are. And hopefully, down the road that has more weight to it.”

The Reason Dax Shepard Told Daughters Not to Tell People Kristen Bell Voiced Anna in 'Frozen'

The singer also said that he and Biel do their best to keep sons Silas, 5, and newborn Phineas down to earth. He noted that they do everything they can to make the kids’ lives as normal as possible.

“It’s just a lot to unpack,” the musician said. “I try to be conscious of making sure we can live a life where we’re not weirdly private, but we’re conscious of making sure they can be kids for as long as possible and not have the way of somebody else treating them differently because of something that their parents do.”

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We often wonder what the lifestyles of the rich and famous entail. Apparently, if you are a parent that means doing your best to shelter your children from your own celebrity. It was nice to hear two dads have this conversation for a change. How many celebrity moms have had to answer interview questions about parenting while famous? All of them!

We were thrilled to learn that these dads are going their daddy-best to keep their families happy and healthy. Even if that means telling the kids to not disclose who their parents are to friends!

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