Dax Shepard Admits He Found the Secret That Makes His Youngest Daughter Fall Asleep in Seconds

When it comes to parenting, one of the harder tasks you have to deal with is getting your wound-up little ones to sleep. Some parents will do whatever it takes to get their little ones to bed after a long day. And as actor Dax Shepard reveals he’s found the secret that works for him and his youngest.

And that doesn’t change even if you’re a Hollywood superstar. In a new interview with Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, the father of two told People and Parents that there is one thing he can do at bedtime that will get one of his daughters to fall asleep within seconds.

Shepard and Bell share two children together, 8-year-old Lincoln and 6-year-old Delta. It’s their youngest that let her parents in on the sleeping secret.

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Dax Shepard Admits He Found the Secret That Makes His Youngest Daughter Fall Asleep in Seconds

“I figured out that if I scratch my younger daughter’s head extremely hard­ — her request — she is out cold within 90 seconds,” Dax told the magazines. And while the parents are chalking this new discovery as a win, Dax admits they recently lost as parents too.

“I gave a ‘no TV for the weekend’ consequence, which was later revealed to be a barbaric punishment for us,” Dax admitted in defeat. “Yeah, that will never happen again,” Bell agreed.

In the end, the proud father also offered some advice to people who are gearing up to become parents for the first time. In short, it’s a messy experience.

“I wish someone had let me know that I will never have anything nice again. That would’ve been a good heads-up,” he shares. “If you like that there are no crumbs and toys on your floor, say goodbye to it. The quicker you come to accept that you’re gonna live in a pigsty and that everything will be vaguely broken — the quicker you can accept that, the happier the experience is. We fought it for like six months.”

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Bell also agreed with that sentiment too. “It’s not worth the stress,” she shared. “You just gotta surrender, because if you spend your whole time, you’re gonna lose and you’re gonna be mentally fatigued. Then your kids see that you’re stressed ’cause objects are in different places.”

Nonetheless, despite the messy moments, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell adore being parents and it’s actually brought them a ton of success. As CNBC reported earlier this month, the couple’s baby brand Hello Bello which was inspired by their role as parents is projected to hit $200 million in annual sales this year.

″[Kids] are parasites,” Shepard jokingly told CNBC Make It. “They’re not bringing anything in.”

Hello Bello is a clean and affordable childcare line that is sold primarily at Walmart. As the couple has said time and time again, premium products should just be attainable to celebrities like them.

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