Dear Mom, This a Special Message For All of You

Dear Moms,

What would we do without you? It all sounds so cliche, but we’d be lost, if we’re being honest with ourselves. Thank you for never giving up on us, even when we seem like impossible kids to raise.

Mom, we know so many people say it, but you truly are superheroes. It seems almost impossible to create hours in the day, but yet you somehow manage to do it. 

dear mom, this a special message for all of you

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Between school work and practices, to having dinner on the table and having a career on your own, how is getting all of that done in just 24 hours something you do each and every day? And on top of all of that, no matter what is asked of you, you never let us down.

You hold us when we are hurting, you let us vent when something is bothering us, even when our emotions make us lash out at you unfairly. And still, you always give us your shoulder when we need a good cry.

You always find a way to make us laugh, and you’re a special kind of funny. The funny that brightens our days and warms our hearts. Life would be gloomy without you, Mom.

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Mom, I hope, after all this time admiring you, we learned a thing or two.

Somehow you always manage to keep it together, even when you just want to lay down. No sleep, hungry, oftentimes no support, but yet you manage to get through the day effortlessly. At least that’s how it looks in our eyes.

I hope, after all this time admiring you, we learned a thing or two. A thing about compassion, kindness, grit, and hard work.

Because, Mom, you are all of those things and so, so much more. Without you, there is no us, and I know a lot of us take that for granted.

dear mom, this a special message for all of you

I know the only time many of us ever show you appreciation is on a day like Mother’s Day, but just know you deserve so many other days.

This Mother’s Day will look different than Mother’s Days past. No, we can’t take you out to eat, and we may avoid having flowers delivered to your home. And for some of us, we can’t even be with you in person. 

But please know how we wish we could give you the world, just like how you gave us life. 

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We admire you, Mom. Not just because of all of the things you do for us, but because of why you do them for us. 

To love someone as unconditionally as you love us is inspiring. And just so you know, the love is mutual and stronger than ever. Happy Mother’s Day.

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