December Baby Names Are Full of Merriment and Warmth

December is one of the most magical times of the year. It’s filled with cherished holidays, twinkling lights, warm beverages, and, of course, snow. If you’re expecting a December baby or want to celebrate your favorite season, consider these winter names for girls and boys with inspired meanings. These appellations can refer to everything from snowflakes themselves to concepts like merriment. Trust us, there’s no shortage of inspiration for parents looking for December baby names.

We decided to take a look at some of the most beloved names for babies who are born in December to get a better understanding of what winter names are available. As we researched, we were shocked to find so many names have meanings attributed to this special time of year. We will start with names for boys, then move on to girls. Be sure to read through all as many unisex options can be found in both categories. Take a look at these December baby names that aren’t the least bit frosty but are exceptionally cool.

December Baby Names for Boys


December Baby Names

Douglas is a storied Scottish clan name that means “black water.” We didn’t choose it for its meaning. However, we associate Douglas with the Douglas fir, a pine tree many use as a Christmas tree.


December Baby Names

Crispin is a Latin name that means “curly-haired.” However, we find it attractive and appropriate for this list because it contains the word crisp. Many would describe a beautiful December morning with the word. While this name has been around since Antiquity, it has never taken off in the US. Let’s change that this winter!


December Baby Names

Frost is an English surname meaning “born in a cold spell.” Frost belonged to a beloved poet you probably have heard of named Robert Frost. “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” was published in the 1920s, and it’s one of his most cherished and popular poems. As far as December baby names go, you couldn’t do better.


December Baby Names

Whittaker is a unique name for a boy with English origins and means “from the white-covered field.” As far as imagery goes, this name conjures romantic images of snow-covered fields blanketed in an icy sheet. We love this December name and the nickname Whitt.


December Baby Names

Aspen is a marvelous gender-neutral name that most people will associate with the ski resort town of Aspen, Colorado. However, the town takes its name from the aspen tree. It’s a magnificent tree with heart-shaped leaves that blooms in the winter. A lovely, nature-inspired December baby name.


December Baby Names

While Blaze might make you think initially of a warm hearth, the name has another meaning that’s associated with Blizzards. It shares the same root and also means “snowstorm.” If you’d like a subtle nod to the season and a name with plenty of attitude, you’ve found it in Blaze.


December Baby Names

Quilo isn’t a name you often hear these days, but we think it still has plenty of charm. This name has roots in Roman mythology and is associated with the cold, north wind. Think of this name as a cross between Shiloh and Quinten. It totally works as a December baby name!


December Baby Names

Jasper has a fabulous meaning, “bringer of treasure.” This handsome Persian name is associated with the Three Wise Men. This appellation has been rocketing the baby name charts in the United States after being considered a crusty name in England for long. We also love the nickname Jazz for this.


December Baby Names

Bodhi Day, which is a Buddhist holiday in Winter, typically in December but sometimes in January. Let the holiday be an inspiration behind your son’s baby name. The name means “awakening,” which is rather appropriate, wouldn’t you say?


December Baby Names

Cypress isn’t just the name of an evergreen tree that thrives in the winter across North America. It can also work as a fabulous name for your little boy. If you’re after an econame or moniker inspired by nature, this would be an excellent pick.


December Baby Names

Boris is practically unheard of as a name for babies in the US. This name, with its Slavic origins, is one of the most popular in Eastern Europe. The name means “wolf” or “snow leopard.” The name is currently having a moment in the Netherlands, where it’s a top 100 name.


December Baby Names

Take a moment a consider the exotic Finnish name Pyry. In Finnish, the name is pronounced Pue-Rue, which may or may not be to your liking. We expect that most Americans will try and pronounce it Pie-Ree. This wonderfully weird name means “blizzard.”


December Baby Names

In the Christian tradition, Gabriel was an angel who delivered the news of Jesus’s birth. That makes this appellation most appropriate for a December baby. This handsome Hebrew name means “God is my strength.”


December Baby Names

Cole is a popular English name that means “coal black.” It makes us think of what Santa Claus brings naughty boys and girls, but also what fuels a winter’s fire. Cole is now a top 200 name for boys in the US, and its ease and cool nature are what make it a hit.


December Baby Names

This traditional French name is traditionally given as a middle name for boys born on or around Christmas. Noel means “Christmas” and has found a home here in the United States as it’s now a top 500 name.

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December Baby Names for Girls


December Baby Names

You’ll find the name Eira in both Welsh and Norse traditions. In Welsh, the name relates to “snow.” In Old Norse, Eir is the name of a goddess of mercy. The name is very popular in Sweden and Norway. We don’t hear it often in the United States, but you could change that.


December Baby Names

Paloma is a name that’s having a moment in the US, where it’s currently a top 1000 name. It is of Spanish origin and means “a dove.” Doves are associated with peace, purity, and friendship, which makes them a favorite inclusion in all manner of Christmas cards, stamps, and decorations. Paloma is one of the most subtle December names for girls.


December Baby Names

Neve is a name that comes from the Irish name Niamh. This gorgeous appellation means “snow.” New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern chose the name Neve for her daughter, born while she was in office. We have Neve Campbell to thank for bringing this name to America’s attention.


December Baby Names

Ivy is derived from the name of the ivy plant, which got its name from the Old English word ifig. The ivy plant is beloved because it stays green throughout the winter months. The plant and the name are associated with “faithfulness.” The name has catapulted back into the mainstream thanks to Blue Ivy Carter.


December Baby Names

We couldn’t bring you, Ivy, without some Holly. Holly is the birth flower for December and the shrub contains deep green leaves with bright red flowers. For a December baby, you could find no better name. Botanical winter names for girls are trending, so Holly will likely be in good company.


December Baby Names

Demetria is the name of the Greek goddess who is responsible for bringing the winter season. You can shorten this lovely name to Demi, as both Demi Moore and Demi Lovato have done. This handsome December name means “earth mother.”


December Baby Names

Nevada is a Spanish name that can be used for both boys and girls. Given the “a” ending, it’s been trending towards girls (but we love this one for a boy as well). Nevada means “covered in snow.” It’s one of the winter names for girls that is also a place name.


December Baby Names

One of the most exotic winter names for girls, Lumi is a Finnish appellation that means “snow.” Lumi may be a rare girl’s name in the USA and England, but it comes in the top 50 in Finland. Lumi sounds perfectly cute yet modern and fashionable.


December Baby Names

Belonging to the Swedish saint of Christmas, Lucia would make a fitting name for baby girls due in December. Lucia comes from the Latin root lux, which means “light.” This name has been popular since the Middle Ages and is currently in the top 200 in the US. It’s one of the best December names for girls that can honor Swedish heritage.


December Baby Names

Elsa is the German diminutive form of Elizabeth which means “pledged to God.” If you’re wondering if we chose this name solely because of the Disney animated film, Frozen, you’d be correct. Elsa is more popular in the US today than it has been since the 1890s. We love the vintage feel of this charming December name for girls.


December Baby Names

Olwen is a Welsh favorite, the name of a legendary princess in what is believed to have been the earliest Arthurian romance, and one of the first recorded examples of Welsh prose. Olwen means “white footprint.”


December Baby Names

A little more contemporary feeling than a name like Noelle, Christmas is a perfectly acceptable name for your little girl born around Christmas time. If this name seems too on the nose, consider Christina or Christie instead.


December Baby Names

Why beat around the bush? Winter has overtaken other seasonal names for girls, like Autumn or Summer. Winter now ranks as the 332 most popular name for girls. With a touch of mystery, this name seems so fresh, but it’s not new as a baby name. Winter first broke into the top 1000 in the seventies in the US. It was used as a given name as far back as the seventh century. If it speaks to you, go for it!


December Baby Names

Turquoise is the birthstone of December. It makes for one of the rarer color names in use today. It is derived from French and means “Turkish stone.”

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December Baby Names

The moniker Natalie was traditionally given to girls born on Christmas day. So if your due date is on or near 25th December, keep the tradition alive by naming her Natalie. Natalie has French and Russian origins and appropriately means “Christmas.”

What did you think of these December baby names? We hope you found them to be attractive and inspiring. You lucked out expecting a baby in December, as there are some of the finest names ever used to mark the occasion. If you would like to discover even more baby names, take a look at some of our favorite nature-inspired appellations below!

Check Out These Delightful Nature Baby Names for Boys & Girls!

Nature Baby Names for Boys – Botanical Options

100+ Nature Baby Names
  • Rue– A gender-neutral option kicks this list off! Rue is the perfect unisex choice that works for boys thanks to it sounding close to Drew. Rue was treasured by the ancient Romans for its medicinal applications. However, the name means “regret.”
  • Sage– Another beloved herb by the Romans, Sage is a special name meaning “wise.”
  • Florian– A distinguished and established name, Florian has Latin roots that mean “flower.”
  • Betony– A virtually unused name, Betony is also the name of a wildflower.
  • Campion– Campion is a French name that means “champion.” However, campion wildflowers are beloved for their pink and red petals.

Nature Baby Names for Boys Continued – More Botanical-Inspired Appellations

100+ Nature Baby Names
  • Basil– Basil comes from a Greek root meaning “kingly.” It’s why basilicas are called such. Basil is also the name of a beloved herb!
  • Sorrel– An edible herb with reddish-purple flowers, sorrels have a scrumptious name. Sorrel is also a French name meaning “reddish.”
  • Reed– The name Reed enjoys English origins and is associated with boys with red hair. Reeds, of course, are the grassy plant often found growing near marshes.
  • Zahur– Zahur has Egyptian and Arabic roots and is one of a few nature boy names that means “flower.”
  • Oleander– Not only is Oleander a mashup of wildly popular Oliver and Alexander, Oleander names a flowering shrub.

Nature Baby Names for Boys – Trees

100+ Nature Baby Names
  • Rowan– The Rowan tree gave us the Scottish name Rowan. In Ireland, the name means “redhead.”
  • Ash– From the Hebrew name Asher, Ash also refers to the Ash tree.
  • Ewan– Scottish Gaelic, Ewan, means “born of the yew tree.”
  • Oren– A Hebrew name that means “laurel” and “pine tree.”
  • Elon– Another Hebrew treasure, Elon means “oak tree.”

Nature Baby Names for Boys – Even More Trees

100+ Nature Baby Names
  • Cedar– Cedar comes from Latin roots and indeed means “cedar tree.”
  • Leif– Scandinavian name Leif actually means “heir” but it’s pronounced just like the word leaf.
  • Birch– Birch refers to the tree but it’s an established name that means “dweller in the birch forest.”
  • Branch– Of all the nature names on this list, we imagine that Branch might be the most polarizing. We think it works, but if it seems like to much of a stretch, don’t!
  • Banyan– The name of a tropical Indian fig tree, Banyan translates to mean “the God tree.”

Nature Baby Names for Boys – Minerals, Stone, and Rocks

100+ Nature Baby Names
  • Slate– An excellent alternative to Slade, if your are looking for one, Slate refers to the cool, smooth rock.
  • Alabaster– Alabaster makes for an evocative name for boys as it describes a smooth, white stone. The name evolved from Egyptian al-abaste, which refers to the Egyptian God Bast.
  • Jasper– Thankfully, Jasper has grown in popularity in recent years. This awesome Persian name means “bringer of treasure.” But, you will also find a variant of it in Hebrew, meaning “speckled stone.”
  • Onyx– The smooth black stone you know and love has such a wonderful name! Onyx contains Greek elements which mean “claw.”
  • Kito– Kito is a Swahili name for boys that means “precious jewel.”

Nature Baby Names for Boys – Topographic and Landscape-Inspired Appellations

100+ Nature Baby Names
  • Forest– A name you know and love, Forest makes for a remarkable name for boys.
  • Glenn– A Scottish name that’s used for both boys and girls, Glenn means “wooded valley.”
  • Hawthorn– A touch prickly, Hawthorn sounds rather buttoned-up but we urge you to consider it! Hawthorn, like Glenn, is a topographic name referring to a “hedge of hawthorn.”
  • Heath– Heath is a handsome name for boys that refers to a “heathland dweller.”
  • River– River has been a hot nature name since the 1990s. River simply refers to the flowing bodies of water.

Nature Baby Names for Boys – More Landscapes & Topographic Names

100+ Nature Baby Names
  • Bay– Bay has Latin origins and means “berry,” so this one is a two-for-one in that it’s a botanical name and a name for a body of water.
  • Lake– Thanks to its proximity to Blake, Lake works as an excellent alternative that highlights nature.
  • Flint– An English topographic name, Flint means “born near a crop of Flint.” This name was once wildly popular in the 1960s.
  • Pike– Yes, Pike is a fish, but it’s also the name of Pike’s Peak which was so named by Zebulon Pike.
  • Everest– Not our favorite of the nature names on this list, but one that’s been getting used far more often these days. The name of the world’s tallest mountain.

Nature Baby Names for Boys – Mythological Names

100+ Nature Baby Names
  • Sylvan– Sylvan comes from the Roman forest god Sylvan. Thus, this Latin name means “woods.”
  • Aries– An astrology, mythology, and animal name all in one, Aries has it all. The Roman God of with a name that translates to “ram.”
  • Atlas– The Name of Greek Titan who held the entire earth. This name is great for travelers as well. The name means “to carry.”
  • Lir– Pronounced exactly the same way as Lear, Lir is an Irish name for boys that belonged to the god of the sea.
  • Pan– A Greek mythological figure of a figure who possessed the legs of a goat! The being was tied to nature and the name Pan means “shepherd.”

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Nature Baby Names for Boys – Animals

100+ Nature Baby Names
  • Bear– Bear has been a hot name in the UK for years now and it’s finally come to the US. A little grizzly and a little teddy.
  • Finch– Finch could make for a colorful choice. The name belongs to the bird but also has a history as an English name meaning “to swindle.”
  • Fox– Sleek and a bit wild, Fox would be the perfect name for a boy with playful parents.
  • Hawk– Sometimes spelled with an E as a surname, Hawk simply refers to the bird of prey.
  • Wolf– Is Wolf too much of a name for a baby boy to shoulder? You get to decide! If it’s too literal, the German name Wolfgang means “wolf traveler.”

Nature Baby Names for Boys – More Animals

100+ Nature Baby Names
  • Wren– Wren is an English bird name that benefits from sounding exactly like the established name Rene.
  • Robin– A unisex option, Robin refers to the bird, but it’s also an English diminutive form of Robert. In fact, it’s been a nickname for Robert for centuries. Thus, the name means “bright fame.”
  • Buck– A touch rough around the edges, Buck may or may not appeal to you. We think it’s a strong name. It, of course, means “male deer.”
  • Drake– Drake is a handsome one! This English name can mean “dragon” or “male duck.”
  • Raoul– If you’re looking for a nature name with a touch of mystery, the French name Raoul might be the perfect option. It means “wolf-counsel” and sounds way better than its Germanic form: Ralph.

Now, Nature Baby Names for Girls

Nature Baby Names for Girls – Beautiful Botanicals

100+ Nature Baby Names
  • Liliosa– Liliosa is probably the best form of the name Lily. This  Spanish option offers distinction and warmth.
  • Daisy– Daisy is an English flower name for the happy flower you know and love. It got its name because of the way it opens at dawn, “day’s eye.”
  • Xochitl– A Nahuatl or Aztec floral name used in southern Mexico and pronounced so-chat-l, Xochitl means “flower.”
  • Pema– A Tibetan girl’s name, Pema means “lotus flower.”
  • Nasrin– Nasrin is a popular appellation in Iran, Turkey, and Azerbaijan today. It means “wild rose.” Are you in love?

More Nature Baby Names for Girls – Fresh Botanicals

100+ Nature Baby Names
  • Marigold– A vintage charmer, Marigold is an English flower name that refers to the gorgeous yellow flower. Unfortunately, this name has never appealed to many parents outside the UK.
  • Lita– Lita is a shortened form of Rosalita, a Spanish name with Hebrew origins that means “garden.” This is one of our favorite nature names with the Rose- component.
  • Kalina– Unless you have Polish heritage, you likely have never heard the Polish name, Kalina. It translates to “viburnum,” which is a flowering shrub.
  • Jessamine– Jessamine is an ornate Persian name that simply means “jasmine.” It’s a great alternative to the many Jess- names out there.
  • Irit– A Hebrew name you might not have encountered Irit before. This treasure refers to the “asphodel flower,” a perennial native to the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Nature Baby Names for Girls – More Botanical But Less Flowery

100+ Nature Baby Names
  • Briar– Briar is an English botanical name that (surprise, surprise!) means “briar patch.”
  • Fern– Fern is one of those nature names that has faded through the years. We would love for this name, which means “bold voyager,” to return to popularity.
  • Lavender-An English plant and color name, Lavender deserves a place next to other nature names like Sage and Lilac.
  • Rosemary- Rosemary refers to the herb, but is also a standalone name that means “dew of the sea.” Coincidentally, rosemary plants enjoy that climate.
  • Marjoram– Marjoram is likely something you have cooked with as it is a popular herb for home cooks. We hope this dusty gem gets shined up again soon.

More Nature Baby Names – Yes, Girls Enjoy A Lot of Botanical Options!

100+ Nature Baby Names
  • Posy– Posy is a quintessentially English name that means “a bunch of flowers.”
  • Willow– Willow came into use as a given name far after the willow tree, whose name came from the Old English word welig, meaning “willow.”
  • Hazel– Hazel is such a magical nature name for girls. It means “a hazelnut tree.” Who does not love hazelnut?
  • Magnolia– Magnolia is a French name and surname that means “Magnol’s flower.” A touch ornate but if you love drama, this is the one!
  • Keziah– An Old Testament name that means “cassia tree,” Keziah is one to watch. It’s been criminally underused and we foresee it gaining steam in the coming years.

Nature Baby Names for Girls – Gems, Minerals & More

100+ Nature Baby Names
  • Amethyst– In ancient Greece, Amethyst was a popular name for girls. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for this gem and color name. Let’s change that, parents!
  • Gemma– Gemma is a pretty Italian appellation and one of our favorite nature names. Gemma means “precious stone.”
  • Amber– A warm and intoxicating name, Amber means “jewel,” in Arabic, the language it originated in.
  • Pearl– Pearl comes from Latin and means, well, “pearl.” This classic is set to see a renaissance in the next couple of years. We can’t wait!
  • Giada– Jade is a perfectly wonderful name and we urge you to pick it. You might not know, however, that Giada is the Italian form of the name.

More Gem Nature Baby Names for Girls

100+ Nature Baby Names
  • Diamante– If the name Diamond seems over the top to you, you may or may not like its Greek form, Diamante. We think it gives it even more romance.
  • Coralie– Coralie is a French name that is currently more popular in Quebec! This name simply means “coral.”
  • Opal– Another one of these gem nature names we wish would come back is Opal. Opal comes from Sanskrit and means “gem.”
  • Beryl– Beryl is a Greek name for girls that means “sea-green jewel.” It’s currently hot in the UK.
  • Garnet– Garnet offers you a two-for-one in that it’s a dark, red gemstone. However, Garnet means “pomegranate.” The stones were actually names for the fruit!

More Nature Baby Names for Girls – Sparkly Things Continued

100+ Nature Baby Names
  • Peridot– Peridot is the deep green birth gemstone for the month of August. The name of the stone comes from Arabic. This would be a distinguished choice!
  • Ruby– To us, Ruby will always be a pleasant, spunky, and playful choice. We love it and encourage lovers of red to go for it!
  • Citrine– Citrine is the birthstone for babies born in November. You would be wise to consider it as a name for your baby girl born in November.
  • Esmeralda– A Spanish name that means “emerald,” Esmeralda is one of the most popular Spanish names for girls in the US today.
  • Jewel– Some classic nature names are classic for a reason. Jewel is one such name that has been a top 1000 name for girls in the US for a century!

Animal Nature Baby Names for Girls

100+ Nature Baby Names
  • Dove– Love birds? Doves have long been considered a symbol of peace and good fortune. Why not use Dove as name?
  • Paloma– Want a more subtle nod to the Dove? Paloma is a Spanish name that means “dove.” It’s one of our favorite Spanish nature names.
  • Yara– Yara is a romantic, Arabic name that means “small butterfly.” This name is already red-hot and we imagine it’s only going to get hotter from here on it.
  • Mariposa– Another name that means “butterfly,” Mariposa has Spanish origins and sounds so intriguing.
  • Lark– A unisex bird name that works well for both boys and girls like Robin, Lark would be a fresh and bold choice today.

Nature Baby Names for Girls – Look to the Sky

100+ Nature Baby Names
  • Luna– Every new parent’s favorite, Luna, which is Latin and means “moon” is still good even though it is overused.
  • Estelle– A French name that means “star,” Estelle is hot once more!
  • Ayla– Ayla is a name with Turkish and Hebrew origins. It can mean “oak tree,” “halo,” and “moonlight.”
  • Sky– A name that was virtually unheard of until the late 1990s, Sky is now a big contender and favored for baby girls.
  • Aurora– One of the best nature names for girls, Aurora is a classic Latin name that means “dawn” and fills up with hope.

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Nature Baby Names for Girls – Topographic and Landscape Names

100+ Nature Baby Names
  • Meadow– We have The Sopranos to thank for this gentle nature name. Meadow is warm and welcoming.
  • Marine– A popular name for girls in France, Marine has Latin origins and means “of the sea.”
  • Sylvie– Another French option, Sylvie is another form of Sylvia, both names mean “from the woods.”
  • Prairie– If you like names with a distinctive Western feel, Prairie would do the trick.
  • Neve– Neve is a Latin name that means “snow” and it is widely used among Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese families. We love how cool and casual this one feels.

There you go! We hope you feel inspired by these nature baby names for girls and boys. We low-key want to take a hike now. We only scratched the surface of nature baby names as the possibilities are endless! If you are drawn to something of natural beauty, find a name with that meaning! Nature has always inspired names and there seems to be a name for every natural element on earth! Happy baby name hunting and congrats!


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