Viral Father-Son Duo Land Denny's Commercial

WATCH: Viral Father-and-Son Duo Star in Super-Cute Denny’s Commercial

DJ and Kingston Jierre Pryor became a viral video sensation last month after the cutest video of them chatting up a storm was posted. The video of DJ and 19-month-old Kingston “talking” to each other is one of the most adorable moments we’ve seen all year. We’re not the only ones who think so: the video has racked up nearly 60 million views on Facebook to date! And now, it’s been turned into a heartwarming Denny’s commercial that is just as good as the original thing.

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Watch the full, original video here: 

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YO!!! We Set FIYA to World This Week!!!! ????????????????Through COMEDY!!!!…….Through COMEDY!!! It’s Unheard of the crazy impact this video left!!! I’m Truly Humbled!! I Can’t Even Lie And Tell Y’all That Doesn’t Excite Me!!!! Do you realize what that means?? This week we found a common thread not just in our country but in the WORLD!!!???? Race or Anything Else Mattered, Because this week we found more that UNITED US than DIVIDED US and we enjoyed it altogether…….What’s the (IT) I’m talking about? LAUGHTER!!! We Enjoyed A Good Healthy Laugh Together!!! I’ve been doing stand up comedy for 16 years this week, I started at 15 years old. I would walk 6 and a half miles IN MY ALL PURPOSE SHOES (Looooved My Puma’s) one way to the one place they had comedy in town. I’d finesse my way in by talking trash and making the guy at the door laugh. Sometimes I’d do all of that to not even get to go up that night. Sometimes I’d get to go up and I was determined to leave my mark and Kill The Stage!!! I Worked, Lost Everything Pursuing This Dream!!! BUT!!! When it’s your time it’s your time and GOD USED MY VERY SEED to expose me!!! This Year we are changing the narrative of fatherhood especially black fatherhood!!! WE ARE HERE!!! We Connect With Our Kids!! We’ve been here we just haven’t gotten a lot of press UNTIL NOW!!! When my boys JABARI & KINGSTON are grown I want them to remember the day we made THE WORLD COME TOGETHER TO LAUGH!!!! Uh Oh!! The Door Is Open NOW!!!! It’s A Wrap!!! ???????????? ABOUT TO SHAKE THE COMEDY GAME!!! LOVE Y’ALL!!! Y’all Mean The World To Us!!! I appreciate all your letters and messages and I read some to Kingston. Thank you all who have showed my oldest JABARI love he’s read it! The Takeover Starts NOW!!! #LaughterIsUniversal #DJPBabyTalk #KingstonJierre #COMEDYSHOOKTHEWORLD!!! #PositivityWon #AllGOD #ItsTime #FunnyBabyBoy #HappyFathersDay #Actor #StandUpComedian #ComedyTourComing #DJPRoadToMadisonSquareGarden #WeDidBoxOfficeNumbers #ILOVEMYFANS!!!

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Denny’s, in one of the more brilliant marketing moves we’ve seen recently, created a special Father’s Day commercial featuring the father-son duo. DJ and Kingston sit in a booth and chat about what they’ve been up, what’s going on in his favorite show, all while enjoying some eggs, bacon, and pancakes.

At the end of the commercial, Kingston lays his head on his dad’s shoulder and gives him a hug. DJ tells his son, “Thank you for bringing Daddy here; I appreciate you.” 

Denny’s Chief Marketing Officer John Dillon told USA Today, “We knew immediately, we wanted to hear more and invited both father and son to continue their conversation over a meal in a booth at Denny’s. This video captures what we’re all about at Denny’s – our commitment to feed people’s bodies minds and souls by bringing people together over a great meal.”

You can find more awwww-worthy moments of DJ and Kingston Jierre Pryor with his family by following him on @comediandjpryor. Here’s hoping they land another heartwarming Denny’s commercial soon!

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