Dermot Mulroney Reveals Why He Walked Off ‘The View’

Dermot Mulroney is extending his support to the many writers taking part in the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike. He showed that support during an interview on The View on Friday (June 23). He spoke with the co-hosts for roughly eight minutes before walking off the show – doing so in a symbolic manner.

“Sorry, first [before we go to break] I want to do this symbolically — in support and solidarity with the writers, I’m gonna walk off your show. Love you,” Mulroney said right before co-host Joy Behar was about to send the show to break. As he got up from his chair, he said: “I’ll see you on the picket lines.”

The strike began at 12:01 a.m. on May 2, 2023 and is being labeled as the largest interruption to TV and film production in the United States since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 – it’s also the biggest strike orchestrated by the Writers Guild of America since the 2007-08 strike, which lasted about three months. 

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Dermot Mulroney sent his message in a civil manner and was friendly with the co-hosts throughout the length of the interview. He kindly asked for a moment of their time before the show went to a commercial break and expressed his gratitude and love for the co-hosts, the audience members, and the viewers. 

Mulroney plays Ritson in the newest Marvel miniseries and admitted during the interview that a majority of his scenes are with Samuel L. Jackson (who plays Nick Fury in the series) and Don Cheadle (who plays James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes in the series) – the latter of whom is a very close and dear friend of Mulroney’s. 

Also in the interview, one of the co-hosts brings up the fact that Mulroney hadn’t been on The View since 2005. He was promoting his then-new film, The Wedding Date, at the time, but they couldn’t help but acknowledge how much the 59-year-old has accomplished in the near-20 years since his last visit. 

When asked what he attributes his longevity to, he revealed it was something he set out to do from the very beginning. Ever since he was a 22-year-old first getting started in Hollywood, Mulroney told himself to ‘do whatever it takes to stay in the game’ – of course, he also attributes his work ethic to his father. 

Dermot Mulroney Isn’t the Only Actor Supporting the Writers’ Strike

Dermot Mulroney is one of the latest actors to voice their support of the writers’ strike, but he’s not the first and certainly won’t be the last. Many actors have either voiced their support or joined the writers on the picket lines – including Mark Ruffalo, Colin Farrell, Joel McHale, Kerry Washington, and Desus Nice.

And it isn’t just actors and actresses coming forward – even artists (like Lil’ Wayne), former Presidents (like Barack Obama), and current Presidents (like Joe Biden) have voiced their support. “I sincerely hope the strike gets resolved, and writers are given a fair deal as soon as possible,” Presiden Biden said.

While some celebrities are speaking out, others are paying it forward with good deeds. For example, Pete Davidson stopped by the picket lines to hand out pizza to those striking. Lil’ Wayne sent a Fatburger truck to the picket lines, while Drew Barrymore pulled out of hosting the MTV Movie & TV Awards in support of the writers. 

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The writer’s strike is about to enter its eighth week and there’s currently no end in sight. Some experts believe the strike could last until August at the earliest and October at the latest, which means we still have several months to go – unless both sides can work out their issues before then. Let’s hope for the best!

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