Did you regret not having a baby shower?

I’m not having a baby shower and it kinda makes me sad when I think about it because I hate this entire pregnancy. I’ve been alone and I feel like celebrating it is just a joke. Has anyone else not had a shower and regretted it?

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  1. No, always thankful for what was received. I needed any and all help I could get. It helped me not resent due to being able to have things for baby the I originally resented for because I couldnt afford on my own.

  2. I didn’t have 1…i regret not having those memories. And the gifts would have really helped. We are fine tho. most close friends got me a gift and just gave it to me randomly…also lots of handmedowns from a family friend. W

  3. Yes, with my son we struggled, it was only 2 years after I lost my mom, and felt like no one cared, went into bad depression, that was in 2008, but when I finally got another viable pregnancy, in 2018 my husband’s family surprised us with a baby shower, it helped with my depression so much,

  4. My baby shower with my son was over the top and expensive and only a couple people showed up so it was a waste of money and food. I didn’t have a baby shower with my daughter. I don’t regret it. Saved myself from getting my feelings hurt and saved all that money too.

  5. That’s a life inside you and it deserves to be celebrated. You might feel alone but your baby has you and you have your baby, so you’re not alone. You have to try to look at your pregnancy positive and a blessing. Have a baby shower and celebrate the life growing inside you. Best of luck mama. ❤️❤️

  6. I would definitely have one for your first… the gifts help tremendously. I had my son 3 months ago and have yet to buy any new wipes or clothes for him.

    Also the memories of that day will be something you and your child can look back on in the future as well…

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