Disney stores are coming to Target in October 2019

Disney Stores Are Coming To Target This October, So Your Holiday Shopping Is Basically Done

It’s pretty much a dream partnership: Disney is opening pop-up shops within Target stores just ahead of the holiday rush. On October 4, Disney shops will be opening in 25 Target locations around the country, with 40 more opening by October 2020.

Disney’s new Target pop-up shop

So what will this Disney store within one of our favorite retail stores look like? Great question! Target says it wants these stores to be a welcoming and engaging space for the whole family, complete with Disney music, merchandise (obviously!), interactive displays, photo opportunities and space to chill out while watching Disney movie clips.

The pop-up shops will carry more than 450 products from across Disney’s platforms, including Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars. You’ll find everything from plush toys, costumes, games, and movies to collector items and home decor. Plus, given the store’s timing, it will also carry a selection of holiday-themed merchandise.

Also, because Target knows us so well, they’re strategically placing the pop-ups near the kids clothing and toys. Basically: once you go to Target now, you’re never leaving.

If you’re not lucky enough to live near one of these initial 25 locations, don’t panic! You can still order all the merch via target.com beginning October 4th. Happy shopping!

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