Does anyone else deal with adult dyslexia?

Does anyone have adult dyslexia? I struggle badly with the order of numbers. I have no issues with letters, but I will mess up a sequence of numbers EVERY TIME. It’s gotten so bad recently I entered a card number wrong to pay a bill two weeks in a row and got hit with a late fee . Any tips???

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    1. Eleanor Patuwairua get what checked? She states she has dyslexia. There is nothing to check if you have it. It’s learning to cope with it. I have dealt with it all my life

  1. I have found that I always am more successful dealing with numbers earlier in the day before I get tired & covering each number with a card when reading it ,writing it , or balancing it also helps…forcing me to focus on just one number at a time…also reading with a note card or book marker helps the flow of words from jumbling up!

  2. Go really slow and double and triple check. I am not sure I have it but when I used to work drive thru at Wendy’s I would get totals wrong all the time because I would reverse numbers and some people were really nice about it and others would throw a bitch fit. Don’t let it discourage you.

  3. I do… just have to take the time to slow down and double check.. its rough I know. I paid a extra large amount of money on my tv bill a few months ago and had to fight to get them to send it back… good luck

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