Dr. Oz May Have Just Saved Everyone’s Marriage…You’re Welcome

While a guest on Erin Andrews and Chrissa Thompson’s podcast, the Calm Down Podcast, Dr. Oz blew the minds of the hosts and those who listened to the interview when he revealed the secret to his 37-year marriage.

And get this, the secret to his successful marriage is one that will help any marriage succeed. And that is no lie. Are you ready to have your mind blown?

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While talking with Andrews and Thompson, Andrews asked Oz his secret, “What’s the secret? 37 years, I’m at four, Chrissa’s at a couple of months. What’s the secret?”

To which Dr. Oz responded, saying:

“I’ll tell ya. It’s a very important secret if you’re serious. You have to recognize that men marry women exactly as they want them and you guys want to change, cause you want to get better. And women marry the men that you know we can become, and we don’t want to change. So from the moment we get married or hooked up, we’re starting to spread away from each other. And we got to reconnect. So every seven years, you have to make an earnest effort to remember you’re not the same person you were seven years prior. You got to reinvent the relationship.”

Dr. Oz May Have Just Saved Everyone’s Marriage…You’re Welcome | Are you ready to have your mind blown?
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And there is actually why couple should reinvent their relationship every seven years. A medical reason, in fact.

“And that reason why it’s seven years is because you have hormonal handcuffs on initially you fall in love, all these hormones are surging through your body,” Dr. Oz continued. “You have to reinvent yourself beyond the biology of love and that’s gonna happen cause you look for other things.”

Both Andrew and Thompson were visibly shocked by Oz’s answer. “That was incredible and so true,” Thompson told the doctor and television host. “Is that why the seven-year itch is a thing?” “Oh, for sure,” Oz said.

Dr. Oz May Have Just Saved Everyone’s Marriage…You’re Welcome | Are you ready to have your mind blown?
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He then continued, “After seven years, the child that has been conceived is sort of able to help a little bit. It’s unfortunate but it’s a reality, that the initial hormonal tools that are used to glue us together, they begin to wear off. You can’t just be physical about it. You have to find other things to love about your soulmate. There has to be other things beyond sex and your kids that glue you together.”

Is your jaw still on the floor? Ours is.

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