Drew Barrymore On Self-Care And Weight: ‘The Point Of Wellness To Me Is The Mental … I Don’t Care What The Number Says’

Drew Barrymore is christening the new year with mental health reminders in regards to weight.

“The point of wellness to me is the mental! I am exhausted from work. I don’t care what the number says! But, I feel bloated from eating like crap. Sleeping too little. Working so much. I have a week off and I plan to scrape those barnacles!”

“I need a redo reboot. And it’s doesn’t matter what my number is. I wanted to start to show my beginning of the week, to show myself what I was capable of, if I had a week to actually practice that term ‘self care’ and I think it’s a load, because most of the time, we don’t actually have time to do it!”

Barrymore continued, sharing that finally, she has the time to do so.

“Well, I actually have the time right now! So i am Interested in #whataweekcando. Now I know once I go back to kids work life balance, I will most likely not be able to live this healthy. But, it’s great to go hard this week on seeing what I can scrape off myself.”

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“That is also about eating healthy. Meditation. Walking. And staying balanced. Which is just hard to do in the middle of real life. But It will be a fun journey to just see how I can totally take care of myself and put wellness first. Which is just not an option most of the time. Which is I guess why they call it balance. PS I’M GOING TO INVENT A NEW WAY TO WEIGH.”

Last year, Barrymore admitted she wanted to cancel the term ‘self-care,’ and honestly, same.

“I, as a parent, resent the term self-care, because I’m like, really, when am I going to do that?” the actor, talk-show host, and entrepreneur told SheKnows.

“And then I just feel like I screwed up before I even started it. Like I’m a failure at something.”

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And honestly, Drew has a point.

“I haven’t worked out in like three months because my kids are in school and I’m drowning between work and that,” said Barrymore, who shares 7-year-old Olive and 6-year-old Frankie with ex-husband, Will Kopelman.

“You birth a child and you move into this neighborhood called Guilt City, and then you live there for the rest of your life.”

“I was out on my lawn this weekend with my kids having an incredible weekend, feeling like we were the luckiest people in the world,” she said.

“It’s not the spa candle moment we all kind of battle with. It’s a very meditative thing and there actually is full-circle-ness, in that you can grow things to eat or you can watch your kids play on the lawn you just planted. You can feel good about the way that you’ve gone about doing it. And yeah, I’m not going to be very good at going to get a massage. I will be better about working out in the lawn and the garden.”

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