25 Ear Gauges That Stretch It to the Limit

Let’s discuss plugs and tunnels! If you’re really into genuine self-expression, you know how amazing gauged ears are. Stretching is a form of body modification that takes a healed piercing and expands it over time. It’s called gauging in the US because the stretching method here often involves single, even-sized gauges (measuring increments).

The 0g is considered the “point of no return” for most because if the hole is any larger than it will not close on its own. While this trendy practice might seem new, it actually dates back to Ancient Egypt. They can be seen in the sarcophagus of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun. Most anthropologists consider the practice as originating in Subsaharan Africa. Let’s take a look at some ear gauges of varying sizes and designs to better understand the possibilities of this form of body mod.

Be Bold

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To kick things off, check out these bold and black tunnels. Simplicity is bliss and that saying holds true here.

Lean Into the Stretch

Here’s another tunnel to gaze through. This time, the person has chosen a metallic material as their stretcher of choice.

Ear Tunnels

You don’t have to go all the way, you can consider a modest gauge of this size. We love the dangling jewelry that accompanies this gorgeous tunnel.

Keep it Cool

Plug it up! While tunnels are exceedingly popular, they’re not the only way to stretch. These icy cool blue plugs are stunning.

Express Yourself

Unlike tunnels, plugs offer the opportunity to show off a graphic design. In this case, we find a sparkly crescent moon. What a stunner!

A Pop of Pink

Tunnels come in all shapes and sizes and these cute little pink ones are very fun.

Lend an Ear

These plugs have an etched dog design in them. This is pretty big plugs and we bet this dude has all sorts of fun designs to go in there.


These metallic plugs look like mini mirrors in this person’s ears. We love the sleek design of these paired with the classic hoop.

Give Her a Hand

Some people refer to this sort of dangler as an ear weight. We love the hand design attached to this tunnel.

Lots of Love

Gauged ears just have more fun! Take it from this person who knows how to apply a good face and accessorize the ears perfectly.

Go Big

This tear-shaped wooden plug is beautiful. We love those natural, honey tones.

Ammonite Fossil

Here’s our favorite piece of jewelry on the list is an ear gage that contains an ammonite fossil! Why not?

Stretch It Out

We’re loving this person’s magenta hair and these very big gauges. These are gold and we very much enjoy the way they shine.

Be You

Go ahead with your weighty stone dangling earrings. We love the way these gauges fit through the tunnels.

Cute Spike

Here, we find a white spike next to a subdermal piercing. They look like a happy pair.

Take the Wheel

This whimsical plug has a nautical theme that includes an anchor ear weight and a wheel. This is a very fine piece.

Keep it Creepy

This Halloween-inspired tentacle looks wild! These things were all the rage a couple of years ago and we are happy to see that the trend is still kicking.

Galaxy Plug

Wow. We think we space. This gorgeous plug is full of color and movement and we love the slight sparkle it gives.

Aqua Curls

This curly gauge sure looks fun. The person who shared it explained that it’s handmade.

Stay Friendly

Look at this cute couple who are stretching together! We especially love the tunnels with the textured design which could be stones!

Dino Bone

The person with these plugs explained that they are made from fossilized dinosaur bone. Trend alert! Are fossils the new tentacles?

Red Is Rad

Colorful tunnels are always a winner in our opinion. Choose your favorite color and go to town!


This handsome tree plug in a modestly sized gauge is very nice. You get to decide how far to take things.

Feel the Rainbow

Show your pride! These rainbow plugs are so adorable! This is altogether a very fun look.

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Where there’s a will there’s a way and someone has figured out how to keep their earbuds from falling out. This proves that you really do get to make your own rules.

There you go! 25 eye-catching ear gauges that we hope you loved. Stretching comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes and it proves that no two people do it the same way! Do you!

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