Elon Musk’s Baby Name & Other Names That Start with X

If you’ve been following the career of musician and producer Grimes, you know that she does not do anything by the book. She and Elon Musk‘s baby name shocked many when it was announced in May 2020 but for fans of Grimes, it was not unexpected. The couple chose the name X Æ A-Xii and if you’re like most, it’s a touch perplexing. We don’t expect a wave of new parents choosing Elon Musk’s baby name but names that start with X are highly favored.

We wanted to discover the best baby names for boys that start with X so we curated a list of X names for boys for you to consider. There’s something about names that start with X and Z that makes them feel like they’ve got an edge. So, if you’re looking for stylish baby names that are full of character, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at the X baby names below that are inspired by Elon Musk’s baby name.

Let’s Talk Elon Musk’s Baby Name & Others Like It!


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The most popular name for boys that starts with X is Xavier. It’s lightyears away from Elon Musk’s baby name. Xavier is of Basque origin and means “new house” or “bright.” Most Americans pronounce the initial X, as in ex-ZAY-vee-er, but it’s equally fine to pronounce the name ZAY-vee-er which is closer to the French pronunciation.


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Xander is a diminutive form of Alexander which is of Greek, and later, Latin origin. Xander takes its meaning from Alexander, “defending men.” Alexander is the more popular of the two but there’s a special place in our hearts for the shortened Xander.


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Unlike Elon Musk’s baby name which appears to be a rather strange invention, Xerxes has a more storied history. Xerxes is of Persian origin and means “hero among heroes.” The name belonged to two early kins of Persia.


elon musk's baby name &

Alexander is such a long baby name that it invites shorter diminutive forms. There are many! One such option is Xan which is a blunt, single-syllable option for parents who don’t want any nonsense. As with Alexander, Xan also means “defending men.”


elon musk's baby name &

Xen is a Japanese name that’s related to Buddhism and means “meditation.” Unlike Elon Musk’s baby name, Xen is a hot name among celebrity parents. Corey Feldman and Tisha Campbell Martin both have children with the appellation.


elon musk's baby name &

Xavi, a diminutive form of Xavier, is such a popular given name these days that it lands in the US top 1000 baby boy names. Xavi sounds much more casual, playful even. It shares the same meaning with Xavier in “new house” and “bright.”


elon musk's baby name &

Xanthos is a Greek name that was used as an alternative for the mythological god, Apollo. The name sounds stately and means “golden hair.” Unlike Elon Musk’s baby name, Xanthos can easily be shortened to Xan as a sweet little nickname.


elon musk's baby name &

Xenos is another Greek name for boys. It means “hospitable” and “guest.” Xenos is given today in shorter forms Xeno (also spelled Zeno) which sounds more contemporary and fresh. Whether you want to go traditional or more modern, this name is a winner!


elon musk's baby name &

While it might sound similar to nylon, Xylon is nowhere near as odd as Elon Musk’s baby name. Xylon is yet another attractive Greek name for boys. It means “forest.” If you’re after a subtle nature-inspired name, Xylon could be the perfect choice for you.


elon musk's baby name &

Xolani is a Zulu name for boys stemming from the word uxolo, which means “peace” and “goodwill.” Many people mistake this appellation as a name for girls but it actually is a masculine choice.


elon musk's baby name &

Another Basque name that’s not associated with Xavier, Xanti is a form of Santiago which means “Saint James.” Unlike Elon Musk’s baby name, Xanti is an approachable option that feels energetic and free-spirited.


elon musk's baby name

Forget that Xenon names a chemical element, a colorless, odorless gas. Xenon is a Greek name that means “stranger.” It’s an extremely rare name in the US that’s virtually unknown. If you’re after something truly unique, Xenon could be the perfect option for you.


elon musk's baby name

Move over John, we’ve got a regional alternative from the Galacian language in Xoan. Galician is an Indo-European language of the Western Ibero-Romance branch that’s spoken by over 2 million people today. Xoan shares its meaning with John, “God is gracious.”


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A more established name than Elon Musk’s baby name, Ximenes is still rather rare. Ximines is a Spanish form of Simon, a name of Hebrew origin that means “flat-nosed.” In Spanish, the X is pronounced like an H similar to the other spelling of this name, Jimenes (Jimenez).

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elon musk's baby name

Contrary to popular belief, Ximen is not a Spanish form of Simon. Instead, it comes from Medieval Basque origin and means “son.” As with Ximenes, Ximen is pronounced he-MEN. Because the two names are so similar, it’s easy to see why the names are confused for one another.


elon musk's baby name

Ximeno is a cousin of Ximen and comes from the same Basque root that means “son.” This name is pronounced he-MEH-no which gives it an additional syllable. Both options are delightful and you get to choose which one is the right fit for your family.


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We find another Galician name in Xurxo. The name is virtually unknown in the US but it’s established in comparison to Elon Musk’s baby name. Xurxo is spelled SHOOR-sho, which is likely to confuse many English speakers. If you’re up for correcting the name’s pronunciation, this could be a colorful choice for your baby boy.


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Like Elon Musk’s baby name, Xayden is a modern invention. Unlike Elon Musk’s baby name, Xayden is a trendy option today for parents looking for alternatives to names like Aiden and Jayden. Depending on which name you want to credit as Xayden’s root, the name can mean “little and fiery” or “thankful.”


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Xabat is a Spanish name from Latin. It shares its roots with Salvador. This charming name means “savior.”


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Xil is a Spanish form of the Gilbert or Gilberto. We must admit it’s a long way away from its source material but that does not make the appellation less appealing. In fact, Xil feels more modern and fresh than Gilbert. The name’s roots mean “shining pledge.”


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Xenophon is a Greek name that means “foreign voice.” It’s a mouthful of a name much like Elon Musk’s baby name. Xenophon would be an extremely bold choice today as it’s not found much favor since antiquity.


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Xorge is a Spanish form of George which is pronounced HOR-heh. It’s a super fun spelling of the traditional name, that’s also found spelled Jorge, that is of Greek origin and means “farmer.”


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Xion is a modern spelling of the Hebrew name Zion. Most Americans will pronounce this name Zy-on, but the traditional Hebrew pronunciation is closer to Tzee-yon. However you choose to say it, Xion means “highest point.”


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Xi is a Chinese/Mandarin surname-name that is pronounced shee or see. This name’s meaning changes depending on the characters used to construct it. To popular meanings are “to hope” and “to admire.”

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elon musk's baby name

We leave you with the Portuguese form of Alexander a name that’s proven extremely versatile across a variety of languages. Australian actor and producer Jason Gann chose this name for his son, Xano William. We think it’s one of the most fun forms of Alexander that more parents should give a shot!

While most of us will not be using a name as outlandish as Elon Musk’s baby name, names that start with X are extremely appealing. We hope you found some on this list worth considering. There are not a ton of baby names for boys that start with X but the options that are available are too good to pass up!

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