15 Pieces of Parenting Advice We Found Empowering (And Think You Will Too)

It’s fair to say that there is a lot of parenting advice out there, much of which may not apply to you which can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed.

Luckily, there are also some wonderful guidelines that can be applied to situations more generally. We’ve chosen some of our favorite tried-and-true parenting tips to help you out of tough spots below.

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15 Pieces of Parenting Advice We Love

Kids like to hear “I’m sorry” too.

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I will never forget that night when I was at my bed ready to sleep and my mom came to me crying and apologizing for being too hard on me. It was surprising and I needed that so much. I suddenly realised that my mom was just a human being who is not immune to mistakes and character flaws. Above all, I saw that my mom really cared for me and whatever she did to me, I was able to forgive her immediately. Many parents struggle with apologizing to their kids because: – They think that if they apologize, their kids will lose respect to them or they will think less of them. But it’s the exact opposite around! – They also think that their kids may don’t have the capacity to figure out that their parent’s behavior is wrong and they hope that they will accept it as normal. But it’s a huge problem if you let your kids normalize your bad behavior because they will end up being ok when other people treat them the same. – They believe that a good parent is a parent who doesn’t do any mistakes. Therefore, they can't accept their mistakes because if they do they will feel guilty for being bad parents. So, they live in denial. There’s nothing worse as a parent to deny something your child never forgot. If you are a parent or you're thinking about becoming one, I beg you, please don't get cocky! Stay humble! Remember who you are and where you come from. Always remember your inner child and try to treat your child the same way you wanted your parents to treat you. Try not to repeat the same mistakes of your parents. And don't think for a moment that you are more important than your child because you are mature. This belief by its own is so immature! Accept your mistakes and have the humility to ask for forgiveness from your children no matter how old they are and no matter how old is what you want to apologise for. . . . . . #parentslove #parents #parenthood #parentproblems #parenthood_moments #justice #parenting #parentingadvice #parentlife #parentingproblems #childhood #parentingdoneright #parentsofinstagram #familygoals #pleaseforgiveme #parent #parentingfail #apologize #family #parentingquotes #childhoodtrauma #parentingmemes #parentingtips #parentinggoals #parentinglife

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Trust us, those two words mean a lot to them.

You know that they say about when you “assume”…

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When we assume what is going on for our child we don’t really hear them making them feel unheard and unseen.⁣ ⁣ We make assumptions all of the time. We assume why they are behaving and feeling a certain way. We assume why they are having a tantrum, we assume they are being defiant, pushing our buttons. We assume they are being difficult on purpose. We assume they are like us when we were children. ⁣ ⁣ Not realising that our children are separate from us and not realising they experience the world completely different from us.⁣ ⁣ Take for instance today. I collected my 5 year old daughter from school and we headed to the beach to read her new school book and to play. We were sat on the rocks as I like it up there and she said ⁣ “I want to go on the sand” and I said “oh do you?”⁣ “Yes, I want to take my shoes off as I like the feel of the sand on my feet and I like putting my feet in the sea as the water tickles my feet and makes me feel funny!”⁣ ⁣ And in that moment I was reminded that we process things differently and I was in awe that she could beautifully explain her need to take her shoes off.⁣ ⁣ Often parents default to “Oh why do you have to take your shoes off, you’re going to get your feet wet, make a mess and then it will be uncomfortable putting your shoes back on.”⁣ ⁣ But kids aren’t like that – they are in the present moment and they are taking in the environment using all their senses, something us adults don’t do enough. We are too busy living in our heads to drop down in our bodies and experience what is really happening in the present moment.⁣ ⁣ Because I am a coach and I have trained extensively in therapeutic and communication skills I am able to use some of these skills with my children and offer a level inquiry around our interactions opposed to making assumptions.⁣ ⁣ What we want to be doing is getting into the habit of actively listening to our children and understanding what need they are trying to communicate. We want to be like detectives asking open ended questions to find out further information from them instead of jumping to conclusions. (Continued in comments)

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It applies to your relationships with your kids too, even though you think you may know them better than they know themselves.

We all have rough days.

Be kind to yourself.

You really do know best.

Ignore all the advice that isn’t applicable.

It’s really easy to feel like you’re doing a terrible job sometimes.

But just the fact that you’re thinking about that means you’re doing great.

It’s easy to compare yourself to others…

But don’t – you know your child best.

A good reminder to love your kids no matter what.

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How would it feel if someone told you they would love you more if you lost 10 kilos? ‍ Or got a better job? ‍ Or cut your hair how they liked it cut? ‍ I would feel pretty upset. Angry. Undervalued. It wouldn't make me feel good about myself. ‍ So why do we do it to our kids? ‍ We expect them to listen better. Do as we say. Achieve what we want….. when none of this really matters. ‍ What matters is how we make them feel. How loved they are. So choose to love them today for exactly who they are now. ☆ ‍ Hi my name is Brooke Shelton and I'm an accredited AMHSW and a perinatal, child & family therapist. I've been working with parents and families for over a decade and I have kids of my own. ‍ If you would like more help with this idea or parenting in general then please request to join my attachment theory based reflective parenting facebook group (pregnancy, birth and beyond) because I believe all of us parents need more help and support at times. Link on main insta page if you want to join ????. ‍ If you would like more specific support, then please contact me via phone or email for a consultation either face to face at my clinic in East Brisbane Qld or online. ‍ #mumlife #newbaby #newdad #baby #child #momlife #parentingadvice #attachment #attachmentparenting #scarymommy #parenthood #pnd #mentalhealthmatters #beyondsleeptraining #postpartum #family #parentingtips #pregnant #sahm #relationships #kindnessmatters #wonderweeks #gentleparenting #mindfulparenting #reflectiveparenting #brisbane #mindfulness #brookeshelton Please feel free to share BUT respect the work and copyright by crediting the author and do not crop or alter images.

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Each kid is unique and may not be much like you.

There’s no way around it, parenting is tough.

But that’s a good thing – that means you’re doing something right.

Sometimes it helps to think about things a little differently.

A simple reframe can change the whole situation.

Just a reminder that life isn’t a race.

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(Breathes sigh of relief)

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Everyone does things at their own pace.

Simple is often better.

You’re doing your best and that’s exactly what your kid needs.

Don’t forget to take a few minutes for yourself each day.

Everyone needs a little downtime, no matter how limited.

Kids need play, play and more play.

(And grown-ups need some play too!)

Sometimes this is hard to remember when your baby is crying uncontrollably.

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That is all.

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But they – and you – will be ok with a few tears.

A very important reminder that no matter how much you love your kiddos, it’s ok to take a break.

Even superheroes need one once in a while!

In an age where parents post everything they’re doing online, it can be hard not to compare yourself to the Jones’ whose child is somehow always smiling in photos, is excelling at school, and is participating in 100 activities. Of course, social media only ever shows one small snippet of the story so remember to be kind and patient with yourself as you navigate every stage of parenthood. Each one is different and challenging in its own way, but also so rewarding and joyful.

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